Obama Allegedly Has Illuminati Plot To Kill Trump, Says Pastor Paul Begley Who Revealed White House ‘Exorcism’

Paul Begley, the right-wing pastor who claimed that Melania Trump ordered for the exorcism of the White House before she moved in, is now making more preposterous claims. This time, it is about ex-President Barack Obama and his alleged Illuminati plot to assassinate current President Donald Trump.

According to the Right Wing Watch, the controversial pastor, who exposed how the First Lady of the United States supposedly brought in people to “exorcise” the White House before she moved in, is now claiming to have knowledge about a plot to assassinate her husband.

Based on a video he posted on YouTube, Begley revealed that Obama is leading an Illuminati assassination plot to put an end to President Donald Trump.

“We know right now, folks, that this was treasonous. They’ve tried to hijack our nation, they tried to override our election and they are trying to destroy our Constitution,” Begley can be heard saying.

“This is a cabal and by their own text messages, they even say they have secret societies and they say that these societies are meeting and these are top level people of several different U.S. government agencies working together as an Illuminati, working together as a cabal, to overthrow the United States of America.”

He went on to link the conspiracy to 1970s domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, who is allegedly working from behind the scenes, while Barack Obama is “orchestrating it.”

Based on a 2008 article from the New York Times, Obama and Ayers had sporadic encounters in the past, something that his opponents used against him when he was still a senator and a candidate for the highest seat in the land.

However, Snopes revealed that the link between the two is “partly true” in the sense that they worked in the same charities and social service organizations. Even so, they are neither close nor do they have the same ideologies as the former president’s critics have claimed.

Now, Paul Begley is connecting them once again in what he claimed to be an Illuminati plot to end Donald Trump’s presidency through impeaching him based “on lies” and making him appear “deranged and incompetent and dangerous.” If all else fails, he said that their last resort is to order Donald Trump’s assassination.

At some point, the right-wing pastor admitted that he didn’t have proof of such claims but he emphasized that he is pretty sure about it.

“We don’t have proof of assassination, but I guarantee, if we could crawl into the bowels of these secret societies, there is a Plan C in place.”

In a 2016 report from Disclose TV, a former Illuminati member, who opted to hide behind anonymity, revealed close ties between the group and then-President Obama. According to them, he was born in an underground bunker for the secret organization and was indoctrinated with their ideology.

The source further claimed that Obama emerged from the bunker at 23-years-old and worked his way into the presidency with the help of fabrications planted by the Illuminati by citing the odd absence of images featuring Barack Obama.

Of course, this remains as a conspiracy theory since no hard evidence have been presented. On top of that, Paul Begley’s statements also do not hold much weight as his previous statement about Melania Trump exorcising the White House has been debunked by a spokesperson for the FLOTUS in a report from Seattle PI shortly after it emerged.