‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Messer And Jeremy Calvert Reportedly Admit They Are Still Hooking Up Says ‘Radar Online’

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Teen Mom 2 fans are aware that Kailyn Lowry and her friend Lindsie Chrisley have created a podcast entitled Coffee Convos. The pair talk about everything from her life to gossip, and one week that included Kail’s rival, Briana DeJesus, which led to some serious Twitter drama.

However, Kailyn was able to spill some serious tea on co-star Leah Messer’s love life by asking her some of the questions everyone has always wanted to know.

Leah Messer has been rumored to be getting back together with, or at least be flirty with, her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert. And now it appears the pair are friends with benefits.

Someone who works on the show said that in an upcoming podcast, Leah Messer will discuss that she and Jeremy are still hooking up, but are not serious about reconnecting. The pair, who share a mutual attraction and have always been rather flirtatious, are just enjoying each other’s company while leaving their marriage in the past.

The pair recently had an Instagram Live session where they were very flirty, which led to many raised eyebrows amongst Teen Mom 2 fans as the pair have previously attempted to deny that anything was going on between the two of them.

Rumors have been swirling for several months that Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert were on the verge of reuniting, but this far, nothing had ever been confirmed. The pair seemed to be flirty at the last Teen Mom 2 reunion, though they denied to Dr. Drew that anything more than friendship was going on between the pair.

The rumors started when they ran into one another at a bar after a concert and took pictures with each other, which caused fans to assume the pair were reuniting.

Leah Messer has not been in a public serious romance since Jeremy Calvert, though it was rumored she was in a relationship with a man named T.R. Dues for a while. A model also spoke out, saying he and Leah shared a relationship, but they ultimately broke up because her heart was still with her ex, Jeremy Calvert.

The pair share a daughter, Addie.