Cynthia Bailey Shows Will Jones Support Amidst Viewer Criticism

Paras GriffinGetty Images

A preview for the upcoming Real Housewives of Atlanta episode that will air on Sunday night shows that viewers will see Cynthia Bailey face more allegations about the man she’s dating, Will Jones. On last week’s episode, Cynthia and Will faced Eva Marcille’s claim that Will recently introduced another woman as his girlfriend. That allegation, and Will’s fierce denial of it, left Cynthia in shock and on the verge of tears. Yet the preview shows that Cynthia really breaks down after Porsha Williams adds in her claim regarding Will.

Not surprisingly, since last week’s episode aired, Will has received criticism from some of Cynthia’s fans. There have been comments left on his Instagram page criticizing him for two-timing Cynthia. While some of Cynthia’s fans are mad at Will, Cynthia herself apparently isn’t. Just recently, instead of bashing Will, Cynthia actually publicly showed him support.

Will posted a message to his Instagram page that seemed to be a response to his critics. His message told people to keep their head up, stay positive, and to never compromise their integrity no matter what they go through in life. Will added that God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.

Cynthia responded to Will’s message with agreement and encouragement.

“Truth,” she wrote, followed by the folded hands emoji.

“cynthiabailey10: Truth????????”

Some people, however, don’t think that Cynthia Bailey should be so kind to Will Jones. One viewer warned Cynthia to move on from Will.

“lakisharobinson236: No Cynthia….keep it moving…xoxo”

Another viewer told Cynthia that she’s too good for Will.

“mrs_garner4eva: @cynthiabailey10 Wake up????You are too good for him”

Yet there were also those who responded to Will positively. One person told Will to not let the negativity get him down and to keep fighting for Cynthia.

“kandicakes33: @mr.willj preach don’t let low blows take you unfree keep fighting for you true love ❤️???? like @cynthiabailey10love ❤️???? has always and forever”

Another told Will to not let Cynthia’s co-stars go after him.

“dancykandy: And don’t let those housewives ride your back”

In a video interview with Bravo posted on its website, Cynthia said that she wasn’t convinced that Will lied to her about not dating anyone else while dating her. Cynthia pointed out that her co-stars have yet to provide definitive proof that Will was not honest with her.

“I do think it comes from a place of concern, to some degree, I do. But at the same time, it’s kinda like, okay, like unless you guys can present some woman who’s like, ‘Hi, I am Felicia and I am Will Jones’ girlfriend and I’ve been his girlfriend for the past six months,’ then I’m kinda like this hot tea is getting turned into ice tea for me real, real quick. It’s just no tea.”

Cynthia Bailey’s co-star and good friend NeNe Leakes, however, believes that Will Jones was definitely fooling Cynthia. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, NeNe, in an interview with Bravo, said that Eva Marcille’s revelation, coupled with Porsha Williams’ made her think that Will could be an opportunist. Eva, meanwhile, pointed out that Will’s bad reaction to her claim shows that he isn’t all innocent.