NeNe Leakes On Eva Marcille’s Claim That Possibly Outed Cynthia Bailey’s Will Jones For Cheating

Does Cynthia Bailey’s good friend, NeNe Leakes, believe that Will Jones was dating another woman at the same time that he was dating Cynthia? In an #RHOA After Show video posted on Bravo’s website on Sunday night, NeNe talked about Eva Marcille’s claim that he introduced a woman as his girlfriend to her at around the same time that he was dating Cynthia. In the video, NeNe made it clear that she believes that Will wasn’t honest.

NeNe pointed out that both Eva and Porsha Williams had information on Will. NeNe admitted that she thought that Will could be an opportunist.

“Listen, when Eva and Porsha showed up saying that they had information on Will, I felt like maybe…he could be an opportunist. Maybe he’s like, you know, looking for someone to raise his p***y game.”

NeNe also pointed out that men will always deny when they get caught cheating. She admitted that she was looking at Will with “side eyes” when he was defending himself in front of Cynthia.

“Well of course men are never wrong when they get caught honey. They’re always right. ‘That was just a friend honey, you know you’re the one for me.’ You know they lay the charm on and, you know, I was looking at him side eyes.”

In her own segment, Eva confirmed that she met Will and who seemed to be his girlfriend shortly before she received an invite from him to go on a boat ride with him, Cynthia, Kandi Burruss, and Todd Tucker. Eva then pointed out that if the woman Will was with when they met really wasn’t his girlfriend, he could have just defended himself by saying that she was just a friend, instead of stammering and getting all defensive.

“All Will had to say was, ‘Hey, lady! That wasn’t my girlfriend. I was hanging out with this lady.’ That’s all he had to say, but he didn’t say that.”

Cynthia, however, continued to defend Will on the after show. With Kenya Moore beside her, Cynthia pointed out that Will wouldn’t be so stupid to invite Eva to a boat ride with them if she had really just met his girlfriend.

On the latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, Eva Marcille told NeNe Leakes that when she and her fiance met Will Jones at a cigar bar, they also met his girlfriend.

“I met Will at a really nice cigar bar and we met his girl, who’s a beautiful girl.”

When NeNe asked for clarification whether Will was simply with a friend or was actually with someone he was dating and kissing, Eva said that he was with a girlfriend. Then at Kandi Burruss’ Essence magazine cover party, Will and Eva, in front of Cynthia Bailey, got into a very heated argument after he heard what Eva said. During the argument, Will admitted that he “had a woman with [him]” when they met but that he was “no longer dating that woman.”

Unfortunately for Will, Bravo played a clip of Will previously telling Cynthia that he has been single for “2 1/2 years.”

After being confronted by Eva, Will seemed to say that he was backing away from Cynthia.

“This is what’s pissing me off. Really wish you would have spoke to me first and you would have had a different answer. Because everything was perfect with us until this came along. And I think this hurt me because the perfect gentleman that I was to [Bailey], you showed me that I could be more better in other things. I’m bowing out.”

In a confessional interview, Cynthia admitted that she was “confused and overwhelmed” by Eva’s revelation. Cynthia added that she doesn’t want to be fooled by Will.

“I’m confused and overwhelmed. I’ve known Will for a couple months now and I assumed he was telling the truth. I don’t know. I just don’t want to be played. I definitely don’t want to be dating someone who has another girlfriend.”

Cynthia’s relationship with Will will continue to come under scrutiny on next week’s episode. A preview for the next The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode shows Cynthia, during a group dinner, admit to the other housewives that she called and then met up with her husband, Peter Thomas, for lunch, despite still dating Will. After Porsha Williams tells Cynthia that it seems as if she still has feelings for Peter, Kim Zolciak chimes in that Cynthia still loves Peter but isn’t with him because she knows how he really is.

Unfortunately for Cynthia Bailey’s fans who think that Will Jones is great for her, it seems as if the relationship didn’t last. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cynthia, during a recent Watch What Happens Live appearance, blurted out that she’s single.

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