Life In The UK: Meghan Markle Gets Fashion Advice From Victoria Beckham, Sneaks Out Of Buckingham Palace

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The countdown has begun, and Meghan Markle is only 100 days away from her wedding. The Los Angeles-born actress is beginning to settle in to her new life in London and has made good friends with people on the other side of the pond. In particular, she has developed a close relationship with designer Victoria Beckham, to whom she turns for fashion advice.

Since her engagement to Prince Harry was announced, Markle has carried out several public engagements in fulfillment of her duties as a soon-to-be member of the British royal family. Naturally, this would mean the former Suits actress also has to prepare a working wardrobe, and for this, she has sought the counsel of Beckham.

Beckham is known for her polished corporate style, and Vanity Fair reported that she’s met with the future Duchess of Sussex to talk about her wardrobe. A friend of Beckham’s said that both she and Markle get along really well, adding that Markle is very fond of Beckham’s style and was eager to put her in charge of her working wardrobe.

Meghan Markle and Victoria Beckham’s friendship blossomed when the actress moved to the U.K. at the end of last year. The former Spice Girls member introduced Markle to top facialist Sarah Chapman, whom Markle visited days before announcing her engagement. In one of her engagement photos, Meghan wore a sweater from Beckham’s clothing line, and the item quickly sold out.

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Prince Harry is also good friends with David Beckham, and the couple is expected to be one of the A-listers that will be attending Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in May.

Not only has Markle struck a friendship with one of the U.K.’s most prominent figures, she has also begun to adjust to life in London. According to a report from E! (via Elle U.K.), the actress regularly sneaks out of Kensington Palace to wander around town. The palace is said to have six exits and entrances she could use to escape and go around the city incognito.

The source further revealed that wandering around the city unnoticed is not a new thing for royals. Kate Middleton, for instance, may be spotted walking around the city if people just “looked for her.” However, the source said that Meghan and Harry have become “skilled when it comes to sneaking around” the city. Their disguises, too, are not that uncommon. They often employ simple disguises such as hats.

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Markle reportedly enjoys visiting Whole Foods and getting her acai bowl fix when she’s out and about. She’s also said to be a fan of Italian restaurant Bocca di Lupo, which is located in London’s Soho district. She’s also a regular at Kensington Flower Corner, where she buys fresh bouquets to decorate her home.