‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Rafe’s Secret Is About To Be Exposed

Chris HastonNBC

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal that Rafe Hernandez’s secret is about to come out. As many DOOL fans know, the amount of people who know about Rafe’s one night stand with Sami Brady is growing, and it seems that it is only a matter of time before someone tells Rafe’s fiance, Hope Brady, the shocking truth.

According to a Feb. 9 report by Soap Hub, even more people are finding out about Rafe’s affair with Sami. Days of our Lives viewers know that Rafe and Sami decided not to tell anyone about their night of passion, but it seems that both of them have broken that promise. As fans will remember, Hope’s own daughter, Ciara Brady, overheard Rafe and Sami admit to their affair. However, upon hearing the entire story, Ciara decided not to tell her mom about Rafe’s infidelity, but that doesn’t mean she’s not telling other people. Ciara has confided in her roommate, Tripp Dalton, who know also knows about the former spouses hooking up.

It also seems that Days of our Lives fans could see Carrie Brady tell Hope about the one night stand. Carrie recently returned to Salem to help her mother and father, Anna DiMera and Roman Brady, out of some legal troubles they were having following Andre DiMera’s murder. While in town, Carrie told Rafe that she knew about his affair with her sister Sami. Carrie revealed that Sami had dished the details of their hook up to her, and Rafe asked Carrie to keep quiet about the affair to Hope. However, that may be hard for Carrie, especially when she has now been invited to Hope and Rafe’s upcoming wedding. Could Carrie be the one who ruins Hope and Rafe’s relationship with the shocking information?

In addition to Ciara, Tripp, and Carrie, another Salem resident is about to find out that Rafe was unfaithful to Hope. Eli is going through some major drama of his own after Lani revealed to him that she was carrying his child and not her boyfriend JJ’s. Eli will confide in Rafe that he cheated on Gabi with Lani, and Rafe will sympathize. The heart to heart will persuade Rafe to reveal his own secret to Eli. However, since Eli and Rafe confided in each other, he doesn’t seem like a likely candidate to spill the beans about Rafe and Sami.


With Hope and Rafe’s wedding rapidly approaching, it seems that Days of our Lives fans will see someone tell Hope the truth. However, that person has yet to be revealed. Sadly, the news will likely ruin the couple’s wedding, and possibly their relationship.

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