Tom Sandoval Gives Thanks To Jeremy Madix For Risking His Life For SUR

Rebecca SappGetty Images

Tom Sandoval has worked for Lisa Vanderpump for many years, and she knows that he’s dedicated to her success. For years, Tom has worked hard for Lisa and Vanderpump wants to reward hard work, so she has offered him the opportunity to invest in her new restaurant and Hollywood hot-spot, Tom Tom. She also offered the opportunity to Tom Schwartz. During Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, a fire broke out at SUR, and it was clear that some of the stars were concerned about the restaurant and their jobs. While Jax Taylor revealed he wouldn’t be sad if SUR burned down, Tom appeared to be very grateful for the people who helped contain the fire.

During Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Jeremy was working at the restaurant when the fire broke out. He’s spotted on the security footage walking through the restaurant in a heavy cloud of smoke. They were able to stop the fire before it grew into the dining room, but the dining room was packed with smoke. Employees working there explained that there was so much smoke that you couldn’t see your hands in front of your face at one point. According to a new tweet, Tom Sandoval is now revealing that he’s thankful one person made an extra effort.

“Cheers to Jeremy Madix for risking injury to save SUR Restaurant fire from spreading even tho he has really bad asthma… my mom a recently retired firefighter said in another minute it could’ve spread to the second floor and been REALLY bad. Love u Jer #pumprules,” Tom Sandoval explained on Twitter, revealing he is very proud of Jeremy for risking his life for the restaurant.

Of course, Jeremy Madix is Ariana’s brother, and Ariana and Tom have been dating for a few years. A person with asthma may struggle with breathing, especially in a place with heavy smoke. People with severe asthma can also suffer permanent health complications, and a fire could have fatal consequences. But it sounds like Jeremy didn’t think twice about protecting the restaurant. Tom thought this was brave, and he decided to give a shout-out to Jeremy on Twitter as Vanderpump Rules aired on Monday night. Surely, Lisa Vanderpump is also thankful to Jeremy as long as he is safe with his asthma.

Tom Sandoval is currently working on his new restaurant, Tom Tom, with Lisa Vanderpump and Tom Schwartz. Their business journey is featured on Vanderpump Rules, and Schwartz has revealed that he will keep fans posted about a potential opening date.