'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: Two Live Evictions Plus Photos Of The First HoH Comp 'Awards Squeezing'

The latest Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal that there will be two evictions from the CBB house by Monday night. Here's a look at who is on the chopping block and who's in control of the house. There's a definite target with a possible backdoor situation brewing according to Live Feed sneak peeks. Also, check out the latest info below from EP Allison Grodner on how the show will work and how the celebrity houseguests reacted to Omarosa. Find out which of the CBB US houseguests are superfans, who's never seen the show, and who is Omarosa's BB idol. Plus, check out the giant slideshow of pics from the first HoH comp and action inside the house!

Nominees, Punishment And Who's Marked For Eviction

On a Live Feeds sneak peek earlier this week, Celebrity Big Brother spoilers revealed that the ladies are in charge of the house and Chuck Liddell and James Maslow are on the chopping block. With those two nommed, James is the target, but that might change because of someone's antics during the first PoV comp. A backstage source at CBS said Shannon won both HoH and Pov and nominated the crooner and the ultimate fighter. The women are wisely united on sending out a strong male player.
CBB US spoilers indicate that Shannon may use her Power of Veto to pull Chuck off the block and renom Mark McGrath because of his antics during the comp. According to talk among the women, Mark was raging and accusing the women of cheating and trying to get production to intervene. We'll see more when the full comp airs, but the women think he had sour grapes for losing and may renom him to teach him a lesson, but James still seems to be the target.

In addition to the reveal that Shannon has the power this week, an inside source shared that Keshia won an advantage that will allow her to take over someone's HoH. James and Ariadna are on a crawling punishment and dressed like babies. Ari's suffering achy knees, but Chuck stepped up to help her with ice packs. Check out all the photos below from the celebs heading into the house and the first HoH comp called "Awards Squeezing."

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Two Evictions By Monday

Reddit Big Brother sources reveal what to expect in coming days. Tonight, Wednesday, February 7 is the first installment in a three-night premiere. The CBS All Access Live Feeds turn on at midnight Eastern tonight after the West Coast airing of episode one. Tonight we'll see the houseguests enter the house and the first HoH comp and nomination ceremony. Then tomorrow is another episode at 8 p.m. where we should see the PoV comp. Friday's night episode will offer the first live eviction.
"Big Brother on hyperdrive."
Sunday and Monday's episodes will be intense with a week's worth of Big Brother airing on those two and another live eviction on Monday night. This gels with insights on gameplay from Allison Grodner in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. Grodner said this is "Big Brother on hyperdrive" and shared that there will be a two-person finale as usual and "multiple game cycles over the course of the broadcast week." The EP promised the game will move "so fast" and "will be really crazy."

Slop, Have Nots, And 'Suitcase Gate'

Other Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from Grodner indicate that there is not a Have Not room due to the condensed schedule but slop is still a go. Another surprise from the BB EP is that the celebrity HGs curse a lot less than regular season players. That should be a nice change for those that watch Live Feeds and are accustomed to the barrage of foul language with no network censors bleeping it. One funny side note that Grodner shared was a happening she termed "Suitcase gate."

The celebrities were told they wouldn't be coddled and would only be allowed to bring in "one very large suitcase." Grodner reported that Shannon Elizabeth tried to skirt the rules by bringing in a ton of clothes in what the EP said, "looked like a body bag." She also added it was "very clever" that Shannon read the rules then tried to create a "work around." With Big Brother fans looking forward to tonight's premiere, it will be interesting to see if this made it onto the show.

Omarosa's BB Idol And Superfans Revealed

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition spoilers from Grodner say that Omarosa's presence in the house has been polarizing and that "the biggest reaction" was when she entered the CBB US house. Grodner says that Omarosa is smart and well aware of her reputation heading into the house but also shared that the ex-White House staffer is a BB superfan. Grodner promised that Omarosa is playing to win and will surprise people. If you missed it, Omarosa talked smack about Gene Simmons on the most recent sneak peek.
"I love Big Brother champion Evel Dick."
If you watch the video above from CBS Big Brother, you can see that Omarosa says, "I love Big Brother champion Evel Dick" adding that she loved his strategy and gameplay. The BB super-villain tweeted in response that she's "my girl." BB superfans among the CBB US house include Shannon, Ross, Marisa, and Omarosa plus James also seems to be a long-time watcher. Chuck, Ariadna, Brandi, Keshia, and Mark are new viewers who, it seems, studied for their appearances by bingeing past season. Metta has never seen a single episode of Big Brother.

Are you excited for the premiere of CBB US tonight at 8 p.m.? Tune into CBS so you don't miss a moment of the action and set your DVR using this schedule. Check out the rumors about a possible 12th houseguest and see whether a BB showmance might happen this season. Enjoy the premiere of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition and check back often for more Celebrity Big Brother spoilers and news.