‘The 100’ Season 5 Spoilers: Bellarke, Echo, Prisoner Ship Update, Romance, And More Of What To Expect

The 100 Season 5 premiere will not air on The CW network until April 2018. While fans are waiting, some spoilers have been released. Find out what has been teased for “Bellarke,” and get an update on the prisoner ship passengers. Also, get hints on what to expect from other characters.

According to TV Guide, it is confirmed that the main characters will reunite at some point. However, it won’t happen in the premiere episode. While fans might be looking forward to a happy and emotional reunion, more than five years will have passed. That is a long time and a lot has happened with the various groups.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, 100 Season 5 spoilers reveal that Octavia (Marie Avgeropolous) will evolve once again. In a bunker with several Grounder clans, things will get chaotic and violent. It will be up to her to keep things under control. It was previously teased that she will be forced to use brutal and unique methods of accomplishing that task. It was also hinted that after reuniting, Bellamy (Bob Morley) will not like the choices Octavia has made while in the bunker.


Showrunner Jason Rothenberg teased some “Bellarke” news for fans. Even though he wouldn’t say if Bellamy and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) will have a romance, he did acknowledge their importance.

“They’re really the heart of the show on some level. It’s been their story since the beginning and it’s their story today.”

Mother Clarke

Speaking of Clarke, she will be a mother figure to a young Nightblood named Madi. The child was briefly seen in the Season 4 finale. However, it has been recast and handed to Lola Flannery. It is known that the two meet shortly after the second apocalypse. Naturally, they have formed a bond and Clarke is like a mother to Madi. This relationship will change Clarke in big ways. It was also teased to expect her decisions to cause some conflict. One part of her will be determined to do what is best for Madi. However, that might not exactly align with what is right for her people.

Prisoner Ship

In the first season, the Ark held teen prisoners, most of whom didn’t deserve to be incarcerated. Even though a new group of prisoners is coming to Earth, the situation is different. These are adults and some are hardcore criminals who are dangerous. They are from before the first apocalypse. The passengers have been in a cryogenic sleep for the past century. Now, they are waking up, and there will be conflict in The 100 Season 5.

In fact, one of the prisoners is William Miller, portrayed by Robert McCreary. The new big bad is described as being ruthless. Other new faces include Vinson (Mike Dopoud), a ruthless serial killer. Ivana Milicevic plays Charmaine Diyoza, who used to be a military strategist. Zeke Shaw (Jordan Bolger) is an adrenaline addict who joined Eligius to see the universe.


100 Season 5 spoilers tease that there will be romance when the show returns. Echo (Tasya Teles) will be a series regular. There is a rumor that Bellamy and Echo might become a couple. It is also hinted that one of the prisoners might end up in a relationship with a main character. This could either be a good or bad thing. Fans will just have to wait to see what happens.

Together they can do anything. #The100 premieres April 24 on The CW.

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The 100 Season 5 premieres in April 2018 on The CW.