Jessa Duggar’s Latest Instagram Video Has Fans Praising ‘Smart’ Spurgeon

Jessa Duggar might have a hard time deciphering what Spurgeon is saying sometimes, but her Instagram followers think the toddler is a baby genius. So is 2-year-old Spurgeon really advanced for his age?

On Monday, Jessa Duggar took to Instagram to give fans an inside look at one of her teaching sessions with Spurgeon. In his mother’s short video, the 2-year-old Counting On star showed off his counting skills. Jessa was focused on getting her son to identify various objects in a book, but the little boy took the lesson one step further by counting each item that he saw. Luckily for Spurgeon, the objects were all grouped in threes.

In the caption of her Instagram post, Jessa Duggar revealed that Spurgeon’s unique way of counting was cracking her up. Each time he would correctly identify a group of items and count them, he would utter the same word or phrase. Jessa wrote that she was having a difficult time understanding what her son was saying, but she eventually determined that Spurgeon was exclaiming “amazing!” over and over again. However, one of her Instagram followers suggested that he was actually letting his mom know that her lesson was too “easy.”

“Look! What’s that?” Jessa asks Spurgeon in the video.

“Trees. Trees. It’s easy,” Spurgeon responds. “One, two, three. One, two three.”

The little boy repeats variations of the phrase when he counts apples and cheeses.

Some Duggar fans responded to the short clip by commenting on how “cute” and “adorable” Spurgeon’s baby voice is. Others praised the little boy’s intelligence.

“Very smart boy! Good job, momma,” wrote one of Jessa’s followers.

“Spurgeon is a clever little boy,” another remarked.

In response to a question from a fan, Jessa Duggar revealed that the book she and Spurgeon are reading in the video is Count Them With Me by Franicia White.

According to the PBS Child Development Tracker, it’s not unusual for 2-year-olds to be capable of distinguishing the difference between one item and two items. However, only a few 2-year-olds learn to understand what the number three means. Children this age may be able to repeat the names of multiple numbers, but this doesn’t mean that they grasp the meaning of those numbers. Spurgeon appears to actually be counting items in the book, meaning that he is ahead of most his peers when it comes to his mathematical abilities.

This isn’t the first time Jessa Duggar’s oldest son has impressed his mother’s Instagram followers by showcasing his knowledge. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, he has also amazed his admirers by reciting his ABC’s.