Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Get Into Huge Fight 5 Days After Welcoming Daughter

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott announced to the world on Sunday that they have welcomed a baby girl together. However, is the stress of being new parents already getting to the famous couple? Sources claim that Travis and Kylie got into a huge fight just five days after the birth of their daughter, and Scott stormed out of Jenner’s house as a result.

According to a Feb. 5 report by Hollywood Life, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have allegedly had their first big fight as parents. It has not been revealed what caused the argument between the couple, but an eyewitness did claim to see the rapper “storm out” of Kylie’s home in Calabasas “visibly angry” and then speed back to his house in Beverly Hills.

The source also revealed that Travis Scott must have been very upset by the fight with Kylie Jenner, because when he sped away from her home he was in a “raging fury” and even drove very recklessly home by “illegally passing cars” and he was “clearly upset” by whatever happened between he and Jenner.

Kylie Jenner, 20, may have been thrilled to become a mother, but it seems that her relationship with the father of her daughter is less than ideal. One insider claims that while Travis Scott was happy to welcome his baby girl, he has no plans to be a “model” father. Scott is said to be loving his life at the moment as his career continues to take off and is “raking in the money.” It seems that the rapper doesn’t intend to slow down his lifestyle at all just because he’s a father now.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, many fans are convinced that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have named their daughter Butterfly due to many hints dropped by the reality star online. In the video she released of her pregnancy, Kylie is seen wearing a butterfly necklace, with butterfly decor in her baby’s nursery. She and Travis Scott also got matching butterfly tattoos together.

It seems that only time will tell if Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott will be able to stay together and co-parent together, as their newborn baby daughter continues to grow.