Video: Man Says He Lost Virginity At 17 To Sexy Alien Named Crescent, Has Fathered 100-Plus Babies

David Huggins is getting attention for his artwork, which is filled with scenes of aliens, along with his claims of alien encounters over the years. As seen in the above video, Huggins is a 74-year-old man from New Jersey who claims he first encountered aliens near the base of a tree as a little boy around 8. By the time he was 17, David says an alien named Crescent took his virginity. That alien wears a black wig, probably for the aesthetics, David claimed. Huggins said he last saw Crescent about four or five months ago, but in all the years that he has encountered aliens multiple times, he has not yet captured a photo of them. Instead, David paints images of the aliens, which can be seen in renderings like those below.

As reported by the Sun, David claims he has fathered hundreds of alien babies. Huggins described playing at the base of a tree and turning around to see a furry little alien with bad eyes. That was the beginning of many encounters with many different kinds of aliens, including Crescent, who had very large black eyes, a very pale face, with a quite human body and rather long fingernails.

Huggins didn’t know why he was chosen as a representative to the universe — a guy who works at a deli counter in New Jersey.

David said perhaps the aliens wanted to reveal themselves on a gradual level. Huggins was asked to take a photo of the aliens the next time he sees them as proof. Thus far, David’s paintings include ones showing alien babies in glass cases on top of one another.

Although the ITV hosts thanks David very much for telling his story about the aliens, and they told David it was lovely to meet him and hear his fascinating story, the above YouTube video is getting some feedback criticizing the hosts for appearing to make fun of Huggins. One individual went so far as to write that Huggins was being bullied by asking for proof of his alien encounters.

Others commenting are viewing David’s claims in a more dubious manner. However, Huggins promised that if he finds out when the aliens will visit him next and he has a camera, he will take photos as proof of his otherworldly encounters.