Kylie Jenner Gets Messages Of Love From Her Family After Announcing Birth, Says Pregnancy Was 'Beautiful'

Kylie Jenner has been keeping her fanbase in the dark over the past nine months of her pregnancy, but she finally revealed that she gave birth to a baby girl four days ago. The reality TV star and lip kit mogul put together an 11-minute video documenting her pregnancy and birth to her baby girl in a YouTube video entitled "To Our Daughter."

While some are calling this the worst kept secret, Kylie Jenner's family is finally happily sharing the news with the world. While rumors circulated that her family wasn't happy with her pregnancy and that she was miserable during the entire ordeal, it seems her family was very supportive and she was very excited for most of it.

Rumors had also swirled that Kylie Jenner had gained over 60lbs, which is why she didn't want to appear in public. However, in the video, Kylie Jenner's doctor clearly says that she's gained around 30lbs.

Her excited family joined in on the congratulations for the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister as they took to social media to help welcome the little girl.

"God is SO good!! I am so excited and thrilled to welcome another precious baby girl to our beautiful, ever growing family. We are blessed beyond belief," wrote Kylie's mother, Kris Jenner.

Kris also expressed in Kylie's video that the baby would have a "great mother." Friends stated that Kylie was "born to be a mom" and that she has wanted this since she was a teenager.

The baby's father, Travis Scott, who is rumored to be in and out of Kylie's life, seems over the moon at the announcement.

"2.1.18 4 ever New rager in town.!!!" he wrote, commemorating the baby's birthdate.

Kylie Jenner's sisters, and the baby's aunts, welcomed the little one by linking to Kylie's Twitter post announcing the birth. Kendall decorated her link with heart emojis, as did Kim. Khloe called her sister a "cute mommy."

According to Kylie Jenner thus far, her pregnancy was anything but miserable, as she described it as something she misses already.

While Ronan Farrow criticized Kylie Jenner for making the announcement, saying she was monetizing her child, she clearly stated that she didn't want to do a big reveal for fame or money.

The baby's name and face have not yet been revealed and fans wonder if she will be selling her first photos.

Hopefully, the reality TV star will be back to posting online regularly, as fans are clamoring for the latest updates already.

Kylie Jenner's sister, Kim Kardashian, welcomed baby Chicago into the world less than a month ago. Her sister, Khloe Kardashian, will be welcoming a baby boy in the next few months.