Kylie Jenner Going Into Labor Rumor, Speculation Rises After Travis Scott Abruptly Cancels Concert

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Is Kylie Jenner finally going into labor?

That was the question sparked on Saturday when Travis Scott abruptly canceled a concert in Minneapolis. There was no indication of exactly what this meant, but Hollywood Life speculated whether the reality television star could be finally ready to welcome her first child.

The outlet noted that Scott’s concert was canceled for “weather and logistical reasons,” with the thought that the “logistics” might be the need for him to return home to welcome his first child. But it went on to note that Travis Scott still had another gig scheduled for the early morning hours in Las Vegas — a gig that he was still keeping. So if Kylie Jenner were actually going into labor, he would still be keeping a tight window to be back with her.

The report highlighted the media frenzy that has been steadily building over Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy and the role Travis Scott is going to play. The relationship between Kylie and Travis has been a lightning rod for tabloids, including a recent report from Hollywood Life that Travis has no plans to settle down once the baby is born.

“When Kylie got pregnant Travis never pretended he was going to be the model dad, he’s made it clear that she won’t want for money at all, but he’s never intended to put his career on ice so he can just sit around at home with her night after night.”

There is still quite a bit of mystery surrounding Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy, which the Washington Post noted is very unusual for the normally media-friendly Kardashian-Jenner clan. The report noted that February is generally considered to be the month Kylie is due to deliver her baby, but some sources close to the family have indicated that Kylie plans to remain private about all of it and wants to avoid the spotlight.

That privacy has added even more to the tabloid speculation surrounding Kylie’s pregnancy, which some believe may be the family’s intention. There are rumors that they may be planning a television special focused solely on Kylie’s pregnancy.


There was no definitive answer whether Kylie Jenner was in labor this weekend when Travis Scott canceled his concert, but there were no other reports beyond Hollywood Life’s speculation, so odds are that it was actually the “logistical” concerns cited, or possibly some other pregnancy-related issue that kept the rapper from his scheduled gig.