Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Will Not Be Inviting Eugenie’s Controversial Mother, Sarah Ferguson, To Wedding

Chris Jackson Getty Images

This week, invitations to the royal wedding of Prince Harry to American actress Meghan Markle for their May 19 wedding at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle will be in the mail.

According to the Mirror, Sarah Ferguson, the ex-wife of Prince Andrew and mother of the two blood princesses, Eugenie and Beatrice, reportedly will not receive the coveted and beautifully engraved wedding invitation.

According to a friend of the royal couple, the couple allegedly do not trust Fergie to respect privacy.

“But Harry doesn’t trust Fergie to keep her mouth shut and respect their privacy.”

This news may surprise Fergie as The Mirror spoke to a royal insider who dished that the Duchess of York has allegedly hoped that her daughter’s close personal relationship with her first cousin and his American fiancée was her ticket to this particular royal wedding.

“Harry and Meghan have been close to Eugenie and Jack, which had increased Fergie’s hopes of getting an invite.”

Back in December, the Inquisitr reported that Princess Eugenie was “instrumental” in helping Harry and Meghan have private time together.

Allegedly, Harry needed a “team” of trustworthy friends whose secrecy and friendship would allow the couple to spend time together. At the top of that list was Harry’s first and favorite cousin, Princess Eugenie.

Along with her then boyfriend, Jack Brooksbank, made a cosy foursome with the Suits actress and Harry.

Eugenie reportedly loves Meghan “to bits” and believes that the American actress is “perfect” for her beloved cousin.

Yet, Fergie, who was introduced to Prince Andrew by her matchmaking cousin and childhood friend, Princess Diana, was not even invited to Prince William’s wedding.

Her repeated scandals are the reason that Prince Philip cannot stand to be in the same room as her, and grandpa was instrumental in keeping her off of William and Kate’s invitation list.

Although Prince Philip may have influenced Harry and Meghan’s decision to not invite Fergie, her recent public exuberance over Princess Eugenie’s engagement to Jack Brooksbank may have sealed the deal.

After the public announcement, that included her name and Prince Andrew’s name, Fergie went onto Instagram and Twitter with a series of posts expressing her exuberance for the match.

The numerous social media posts may have caused Harry and Meghan concern that their wish for a private wedding would be destroyed by Fergie. They may have been concerned that photos from the wedding would be posted all over social media, and they may not wish for this at all.

In addition, according to Hello, Fergie was supposed to visit the BBC after Eugenie’s engagement announcement, but at the last minute, they switched to Prince Andrew.

No one explained why, but many have to guess that Fergie may have put her foot in her mouth again and the royal family was quick to prevent any further embarrassment from Sarah Ferguson.