Trump ‘Comeback’ Appears To Fester In Polls As Dems Warned — Don’t Get ‘Too Giddy’ Yet After Week Of Turmoil

Those waiting for Trump’s administration to implode started to get a bit excited after the stock market plunged some 666 points and the “outrage over the leaked memo” offered a grand finale-like ending of the week, according to the latest reports. With that said, a warning was offered by a CNN political analyst today for Trump’s opponents not to get “too giddy” yet, as it looks like the president may be making a comeback, suggests Julian Zelizer.

Dems are warned not to be fooled by the events, such as the stock market’s tumble and the controversy over the “memo” that took so long to make it into the eye of the public. CNN reports that despite the look of Trump and his administration possibly imploding, there have been some “strong signs” that Trump is “mounting a political comeback.”

“Trump’s approval rating is the highest it’s been in nearly a year,” according to Time Magazine, and they cite a new poll that is favorable for Trump. Donald Trump didn’t miss this Rasmussen University poll and he took to Twitter to pass the good news along. You can see that tweet below in the article.

Zelizer starts off by reporting how Trump’s approval rating has reached 42 percent and that makes it up 10 points since December. This latest approval rating number is coming out of the Monmouth University poll. The Rasmussen University poll has Trump at a 49 percent rating, a number Trump proudly tweeted to his social media followers on Saturday morning.

Donald Trump in Wind

As you can see in Trump’s tweet below, he wants to know why the media “refuses to write this?” Zelizer suggests that whether his approval rating is at 42 percent or 49 percent, “the fact” remains Trump’s approval rating is on the rise. Democrats are seeing some change in the “generic ballots” as well.

A generic ballot is when the question is put forth to voters if they are more likely to vote for a Democrat or a Republican in the midterm elections, without using any names. The answers have tilted a bit and not toward the side of the Democrats. CNN reports this latest change in polls suggests that a “wave” election for the Democrats may not be as inevitable as it was thought to be right up until a few weeks ago.

In other words, the Dems might not have the midterms in the bag as they were banking on. Americans are “feeling pretty good right now,” cites the latest Gallup Mood of the Nation poll. The nation’s mood is up compared to what this poll suggested in early 2017. That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the most recent polls about Trump.

Out of the people polled, 78 percent were pleased with the military strength of the nation, which is a jump of 12 points from last year’s poll. While confidence in the nation’s security from terrorist threats jumped up from 50 percent to today’s 63 percent, the most important increase in poll numbers might just be with consumer confidence. The poll indicates that consumer confidence is at a 17-year high.

Donald Trump

Employees are seeing bigger paychecks this month and 200,000 new jobs were added to workplaces around the nation in January alone. Yes, the stock market took a sizeable tumble on Friday, a tumble that might have caused major uproar a few years back, but the fact remains that the stock market is still at historically high levels, cites CNN.

According to reports, this change started around Christmas when Trump handed corporate America a big, fat whopping tax break. That was not only a huge victory for Republicans but from what the nation’s employed are saying today, it was a huge victory for them in the form of major bonuses and pay hikes.

Since December, the economic boom has worked to steadily raise Trump’s approval rating, but there have been many roadblocks in the way for a true celebration in the headlines. The distractions of a report in the news making allegations that the president’s attorney paid a porn star hush money for a long-ago alleged affair, along with Melania Trump bowing out on the Switzerland trip on the heels of that report. These distractions were “fake news,” which is what the White House has conveyed.

Then came the memo and the debate on releasing this piece of information, followed by the dip in the stock market. The distractions in the news took up the headlines. But listening to the excitement felt by America’s workers today who have appeared on Fox News you can see how the bigger paychecks and bonuses demonstrate the origin of this uptick in these polls.