Super Bowl 2018 Odds: Prop Bets Include Pink’s National Anthem, Trump’s Tweets, & More

When it comes to Super Bowl 2018 odds, many people may not realize some of the crazy aspects of the big game that bets can be placed upon. While the normal odds focus mostly on the winning team, points scored, and who might win the Super Bowl MVP Award, there are “prop bets” involving other random things. The latest prop bets as they’re known focus on just about anything imaginable, including Pink’s National Anthem performance, and President Donald Trump’s involvement on Twitter during the game.

To find some of the craziest available prop bets, one can simply scan through a listing of the available NFL Props at 5 Dimes sportsbook ahead of the game. This year’s National Anthem will be performed by pop star Pink and she’s part of the betting action that’s available. For example, one can wager on the color of National Anthem performer Pink’s hair. Current odds favor her sticking with the “blonde” option at -510 moneyline price. However, there’s an option for pink, red, or orange which would pay $1,200 on a $100 bet. There are also odds available for whether or not Pink will show cleavage, and if she’ll leave any words out while singing the National Anthem.

Pink blonde hair in Minneapolis before Super Bowl

The length that the Anthem will go is also available in a number of prop bets. The current frontrunner there is that it will go over 112 seconds, with -810 as the moneyline price. Under 128 seconds is available for -460, while over 116 seconds is at -365. One can even bet that Pink’s rendition of the Anthem will go longer than the shortest offensive scoring drive in the game. The Anthem length is the favorite at -210 compared to +160 underdog odds that a team is going to score quicker than that on a drive.

Who could forget about President Donald Trump during a football game? With that said, the oddsmakers who have created prop bets haven’t left the Twitter-friendly leader of the United States of America out of their odds. Right now, nine different betting options are available for President Trump. In one of them, bettors can take “Trump not mentioned during the game” is listed at -215 compared to “Trump said during broadcast” at +165 odds.

Forbes reported another popular prop bet involves whether or not Trump tweets more or less than five times on Superbowl Sunday. There are also bets available for whether or not he mentions the Philadelphia Eagles or New England Patriots in a tweet. Will he actually congratulate the winning team or comment on the game? That remains to be seen at the “@realDonaldTrump” Twitter account. Some of the other popular props are listed below.

Most Popular Super Bowl prop bets (via Forbes)

  1. Over/Under Patriots total touchdowns
  2. Rob Gronkowski cleared to play
  3. Over/Under “Gronk” mentions
  4. Over/Under Donald Trump tweets
  5. Super Bowl MVP
  6. Will there be a missed extra point
  7. Rodney Harrison winner prediction
  8. Will Bill Belichick wear a hoodie
  9. James Harden vs. Super Bowl total points

In addition to the bets on Pink, her National Anthem performance, and President Trump, there are other aspects to bet on. Bettors can wager on who former player Rodney Harrison and former NFL coach Tony Dungy predict will win prior to the game during their pre-show appearance. Bets are also available on how many times the commentators will mention the Tom Brady is 40 years old, whether or not they say “City of Brotherly Love,” and if Janet Jackson or the infamous halftime show wardrobe mishap is mentioned during the telecast. It’s a lot to contemplate.

Speaking of the Super Bowl Halftime Show, don’t think that has escaped from the craziness of being able to bet on occurrences either. Right now, 5 Dimes is offering -380 odds that singer Justin Timberlake is going to open his Halftime Show performance with his newest song, “Filthy.” However, for those who believe he won’t, $100 will win $260 as of this report.

And for those who want to keep things simple, the latest point spread at Odds Shark is 4.5 points in favor of the New England Patriots, who are anywhere from -175 to -200 on the moneyline. Depending which sportsbook one uses, diehard Philadelphia Eagles fans can stand to win up to $175 on a $100 bet for their team should they pull off a third-straight win as the underdogs.