‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 127 Spoilers Hint Potential Elimination Of A Reckless God Of Destruction

Toppo, the Pride Trooper leader and Universe 11’s second fiddle, surprised everyone when he unleashed the Power of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power. After receiving a massive amount of damage and insult from Golden Frieza, Toppo decided to set aside justice and start fighting for the survival of his universe. However, his reign may not last long as the latest DBS spoilers hinted his potential elimination in the tournament.

In the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super, Toppo finally showed his real power and the result of the training he received as a candidate to become Universe 11’s next God of Destruction. He overwhelmed Android 17 and Frieza with his God-like power and put them on the verge of elimination. Despite being outnumbered, Universe 11 holds the upper hand in terms of battle power. Like Android 17 and Frieza, Son Goku and Vegeta are also having a hard time dealing with Jiren The Grey, the mortal who’s stronger than the God of Destruction.

A recent Inquisitr article predicted the elimination of two warriors from Universe 7, Android 17 and Frieza. However, the spoiler posted by Terez for Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 debunked the speculation and hinted the possibility that there will also be a casualty from Universe 11.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 will feature Android 17’s sacrifice as he helps Son Goku and Vegeta in fighting Jiren. As most fans noticed, there has been no mention of Toppo or Frieza. Frieza may have been eliminated earlier in the tournament while fighting Universe 11’s God of Destruction.

Meanwhile, Otakukart speculated that Vegeta will defeat Toppo and knock him out of the battle royal arena. In the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super, the Saiyan Prince will test the Power of Destruction with the goal of surpassing the gods. He will be using a life-risking move that could potentially lead to his newest transformation.


Despite possessing the power of a God of Destruction, Toppo still has a weakness. In the previous episode, Beerus noticed that the Pride Trooper leader needed to charge before he can unleash the Power of Destruction. The remaining warriors of Universe 7 can use it to eliminate him in the tournament.

So far, there is no official confirmation regarding the elimination of Toppo and Frieza in the Tournament of Power. If it is true, Jiren The Grey will be forced to use his real power against Son Goku, Vegeta, and Android 17 to ensure the survival of Universe 11. However, as the spoilers suggest, Android 17 won’t last long, leaving Son Goku and Vegeta as the last two fighters of Universe 7.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

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