‘Dragon Ball Super’ Is Teasing Two Shocking Eliminations In The Tournament Of Power

Dragon Ball Super recently eliminated Gohan, the leader of team Universe 7, during his backbreaking battle against Dyspo of team Universe 11. The half-Saiyan warrior apologized to his teammates for his elimination, but God of Destruction Beerus acknowledged his heroism and even called him by his name. There are still a lot of things going on in the Tournament of Power including one that says the battle arena will be destroyed in the upcoming episode. However, what keeps fans buzzing is the latest spoilers that somehow suggest that there might be two warriors to get eliminated.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to favor Universe 7 as the spoiler for Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 sees danger between the two powerful warriors — Frieza and Android 17. The resurrected villain was almost knocked out of bounds when Toppo unleashed his godly power during their battle in the latest episode. The former emperor of evil was badly beaten when the Pride Trooper countered the former’s attack using his Destruction energy.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 description says that both Frieza and Android 17 are still intact as a tag-team in their determination to defeat Toppo, according to Todd Blankenship’s (@Herms98) English translation. However, as the U7 warriors attempt to pin him to the ground, the U11 warrior counters their attacks. In the most unfortunate fate, the summary suggests that the two U7 warriors will be taken down by the Pride Trooper’s retaliation.

“17 and Freeza This Week: in dire straits! 17 and Freeza try to defeat Toppo; 17 by using rocks to attack, and Freeza by using his psychic powers! However, both are downed by Toppo’s counterattack!”

With Frieza seemingly knocked down, Android 17 will have to use his ultimate power to take down Toppo, but that might take a lot of sacrifices. The member of the Pride Troopers has unleashed the power that only Gods of Destruction are capable of. Although the synopsis doesn’t totally say that the two U7 fighters will be eliminated, Comic Book points out that the team will be in a massive predicament.

Nonetheless, fans are still hopeful that Goku would champion Universe 7. The hero recently used his Ultra Instinct form, but Dragon Ball Super has yet to show off more of the Saiyan’s newest transformation. Apparently, everyone has been anxious to see the hero fight Jiren The Grey alone as the time shrinks down to only five minutes in the Tournament of Power.

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