'American Horror Story: Cult': Find Out When And How To Watch 'AHS' Season 7 On Netflix, Amazon, And Hulu

American Horror Story fans got a bit of exciting news in January when series creator Ryan Murphy announced via Entertainment Weekly that Season 8 will be a sci-fi thriller set in the future. Unfortunately, little other information, including casting news, has been released since then. While fans wait for more spoilers, it's a great time to binge watch past seasons.

The good news is that Seasons 1-6 are already available on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Whether a fan is new to the AHS franchise or has watched from the beginning, they can dive right in and watch oodles of scary episodes right this minute. However, a lot of fans are wondering when Season 7, American Horror Story: Cult, will be available.

This is where the bad news comes in.

American Horror Story fans may have to wait several months to watch or re-watch Cult. For the uninitiated, Cult followed a liberal Michigan woman, played by AHS stalwart Sarah Paulson, as she suffers a string of breakdowns after Donald Trump's 2016 presidential victory. Meanwhile, her brother, Kai (Evan Peters), revels in Trump's win and attempts to gain political power. We won't give away spoilers, but let's just say there are creepy clowns, depictions of past cults, including the People's Temple and the Manson Family, and other terrifying events. Along with Paulson and Evans, Cult featured past AHS players Cheyenne Jackson, Mare Winningham, Frances Conroy, and Adina Porter. It also featured first-time AHS actors Billie Lourd, Billy Eichner, Leslie Grossman, and Alison Pill.

When will American Horror Story Season 7 be available online? Unfortunately, it probably won't be until October, 2018. This is based on AHS' online release pattern over the past few seasons. For example, last year, Cult premiered on FX on Sept. 5. However, American Horror Story: Roanoke, the show's sixth season, wasn't released on Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu until October. The same pattern was repeated for AHS Season 5, Hotel, as well. That means that American Horror Story Season 8 will likely premiere on FX in September, and AHS: Cult will follow a few weeks later in October.

But before fans get distraught over the long wait for AHS: Cult, there is a silver lining. The season is already available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and other pay services for impatient viewers.