The First Photos Of Kim Kardashian’s Third Child, Chicago West, Are Here

Theo WargoGetty Images

Kim Kardashian’s third child, Chicago West, was born via surrogate on January 15, and now, the world finally knows what the little darling looks like. TMZ released Chicago’s first official photos, which they captured on Thursday while Kim was taking her to a doctor’s appointment in L.A.

In one of the photos, Kim, who is dressed in sweatpants, a crop top, and what appears to be a blonde wig, can be seen from behind pushing a baby stroller. In a second shot, part of Chicago’s face can be seen as clear as day. Though she’s less than 3-weeks-old, users on social media are already saying that they can see the resemblance between Chi, and her brother, Saint.

Kim was also accompanied by her nanny and bodyguard, both of whom are also featured in some of the photos. It doesn’t appear that any of them were aware that paparazzi were snapping photos of them. Kanye West was not pictured out with Kim and the baby, as he’s currently in Europe on a business trip, noted the tabloid site.

The mom-of-three has yet to comment on the release of these photos, but given her recent candidness on social media, it’s likely that some kind of official statement is coming. Despite her constant presence on social media, Kim has always been adamant in controlling the release of her children’s’ photos. TMZ previously reported that Kim Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West, had turned down several million-dollar deals that would have given publications exclusive rights to the first photos. Ironically, it’s TMZ that has beaten them to the punch.

Previously, Kim Kardashian facilitated the release of both of her other two kid’s first photos. When North West was born in 2013, it was months before Kim and Kanye officially introduced them to the public. The new mother was so diligent about keeping her first born out of the public eye until she was ready that she even sent people in her inner circle fake photos to see who would remain loyal to her. Kim followed a similar pattern when Saint West was born in December of 2015. The reality star opted against selling the baby’s photos, and released them on her own time, over two months later.