Bekah M Of ‘The Bachelor’ Was On Missing Persons List Until Someone Spotted Her On Television

Imeh Akpanudosen Getty Images

Bekah M of The Bachelor has been busy filming her season of the show with Arie Luyendyk Jr. Things seem to be going great for her on the show. Now, in a crazy twist, the North Coast Journal is sharing that someone had turned her in as a missing person, probably while she was off filming the show or at least preparing for it.

Rebekah Martinez is not missing at all, though. The North Coast Journal posted on their Facebook page asking people if they knew any of a large list of missing people. There were 35 people posted. One of them was Bekah, and someone stated they know who she is and that she is on The Bachelor, which is airing right now. Of course, while you are off filming this show, you don’t have access to your phone or social network, but it is unknown if that was exactly when she was allegedly missing.

They ended up talking to the deputy who took the missing person report and looking up Bekah on her Instagram page. It turns out that she was the one reported missing, and they were able to contact her over the phone and confirm that she wasn’t really missing at all.

Her mother was the one who reported her missing, saying that she was supposed to be working at a marijuana farm. She said she hadn’t talked to her daughter for several days. She has been on social media since then. This was back in November, so it is possible that this had to do with the same time that she was doing stuff for The Bachelor. Bekah isn’t missing at all, and it sounds like she really never was, but maybe she doesn’t talk to her mom daily or something happened between them. At least now she is off the list of people who need looking for.

The fans would love to hear Bekah M’s reaction to being reported as missing, but so far she hasn’t said a word. Don’t miss her on new episodes of The Bachelor on Monday nights on ABC with Arie Luyeyndk Jr. So far, she is getting along great with Arie.

Update: Bekah went to her Twitter to update saying, “MOM. how many times do I have to tell you I don’t get cell service on The Bachelor??