‘This Is Us’ Producer Warns Fans To Buy Stock In Kleenex Before Sunday Night

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This Is Us fans know that the show’s post-Super Bowl episode is going to be a heartbreaker. The long-awaited episode will finally give viewers all of the answers to the questions they have surrounding Jack Pearson’s (Milo Ventimiglia) death: How he died, when he died, and why his daughter, Kate (Chrissy Metz), blames herself for his death.

While This Is Us fans have been given several clues to the events leading up to the Pearson patriarch’s untimely demise—including a faulty crockpot that spontaneously set the family’s home on fire—expect the unexpected when Jack’s death scene plays out. This Is Us’ “Super Bowl Sunday” will pick up right where last week’s episode, “That’ll Be the Day,” left off and it will follow the aftermath of the fire as well as flash forward to the Big Three’s Super Bowl activities in the present day.

“Questions will be answered in a very satisfying way,” This Is Us executive producer Isaac Aptaker told Entertainment Weekly of the upcoming episode. “It’s not necessarily what people expect, but people will have a lot of the answers they’ve been hoping for.”

While Aptaker admits the episode will be an emotional one as the Pearson family’s late 1990s tragedy plays out in flashback scenes, he also promises there will be “an uplift to the episode.” The This Is Us producer is most likely referring to a present-day storyline involving Randall and Beth (Sterling K. Brown, Susan Kelechi Watson) and their desire to take in a foster baby boy.

Still, tears will be on the menu for This Is Us’ highly anticipated post-Super Bowl foray, with Apatker advising fans to stockpile the Kleenex ahead of the late-night episode.

“You want to buy stock in the company,” the This Is Us executive producer told EW.

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Isaac Aptaker isn’t the only This Is Us producer that is teasing tissues. Producer Ken Olin also posted a tweet about the must-have item that This Is Us fans will need for the devastating post-Super Bowl episode.

“The makers of Kleenex are cutting jobs!?” Olin tweeted. “Considering where we’re going on @NBCThisisUs in the next few episodes, I think they should definitely reconsider.”


With two warnings issued, This Is Us fans should be prepared for a painful episode. And some are already heeding the warning.


Jack Pearson himself, This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia, previously told Entertainment Weekly that his character’s death will be “an absolute soul-crushing event.”

“Once you figure out the moment where it’s going to happen, you may get some hope — and then it’s all going to go away,” the This Is Us star teased. “I think the best thing I can say — or the worst thing I can say — is: It’s going to be f—ing painful.”

You can see a preview for the This Is Us Super Bowl episode below.

This Is Us airs Sunday, Feb. 4 immediately following the Super Bowl on NBC.