Melissa Shelton’s Facebook Photos Go Viral After Racial Slurs, Broken Windows Of Interracial Duo In Texas


Melissa Shelton’s Facebook photos are going viral, in the wake of the Texas woman being indicted for hurling racist slurs at an interracial couple in Marion, Texas, and allegedly breaking their windows. Melissa’s Facebook photos can be seen below. As reported by the Root, Shelton is being accused of breaking the car windows of an African-American and Hispanic couple who were taking a look at a home in her neighborhood.

The incident took place on December 10, 2017, after Jason and Victoria Chapa viewed the home in Marion after leaving a get-together with family members. Jason and Victoria drove to the house in question and got out of their car to take a gander in the rear of the home. From that vantage point, they heard glass breaking and ran back to their car to witness Shelton breaking both a side window on the driver’s side and their front windshield, according to authorities.

The window that was broken on the rear driver’s side was an especially precarious location, since that’s where a child’s car seat sat. Jason and Victoria’s child was not in the seat during the window breaking. As a result, Melissa is facing felony mischief charges and was indicted on Thursday.

Shelton reportedly saw the mixed couple inspecting the home, screamed out “n*****s” and “s***s,” and she claimed the couple didn’t make enough money to live in the neighborhood. Jason is of Mexican-American heritage and Victoria is African-American.

Lee Merritt brought attention to the case with four new photos added to Facebook about the incident. The attorney also included information about housing discrimination throughout the years.


The Chapas also have a 3-year-old daughter, so the couple was seeking out their dream home in the area when Shelton allegedly hurled the “large concrete slab” into the car’s windows. According to Lee, the local police initially did not act upon the incident. However, now that the case has gone viral and Melissa is staring at charges because of the melee, her Facebook photos, as well as her phone number in a separate screenshot that is not published herein, are going viral.