Stormy Daniels Bails On ‘The View’ After Her Rebooted Fame Ridiculed By Previous Guest / MediaPunchAP Images

Stormy Daniels is making the rounds these days, but there’s one TV spot she won’t be sitting in this week, which was confirmed by her rep today. Stormy has canceled her appearance on The View, which was slated for Thursday. The reason behind this hasn’t officially come down the pike, but speculation points to a discussion the ladies of The View had about Stormy last week with another guest on the show.

Whoppi Goldberg told the audience on Wednesday that they were slated to have Stormy Daniels on their show Thursday, but she wasn’t sure if that was going to happen. Just after Whoppi made that statement, Stormy’s rep confirmed that she has canceled her appearance on The View, but did not give a reason as to why.

HLN host S.E. Cupp was on The View last week and she had some things to say about Stormy’s recent reboot in popularity. She criticized the media for their fixation on the former adult film star.

Speculation as to Stormy’s reasons for canceling her appearance on The View came out of something Whoopi said while stating Stormy’s appearance was up in the air, according to Fox News.

Goldberg specifically discussed Cupp’s comments when reporting that Daniels’ appearance was in question.”


Cupp said, “Stormy Daniels, she’s cleaning up. She’s making a ton of money. Her career is revived. She’s just playing the hand she was dealt. No problem there. What bothers me, though, in giving her this platform — you know, Monica Lewinsky was also caught having an affair with the president. Who’s going to interview her? I’d love to see someone interview her.”

According to Fox, Cupp was “mocking” Stormy on the show and that may just be the reason she’s decided to back out. Again this is speculation as no official reason for her change of heart about her appearance of The View was revealed.

CNN reports that Stormy “gave the weirdest interview ever last night” with her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. They report she held her own and was able to dance around Kimmel’s questions about an alleged affair and an alleged pay-off letter. Apparently, no one knew any more information from Daniels after Jimmy Kimmel’s interview than they did before his show.

CNN describes Stormy as someone who “repeatedly sought to stoke speculation with non answers, rhetorical winks and you-know-what-I-means,” which she handed back to Kimmel. It was enough to make the average viewer dizzy, suggests people commenting online. It seems as if Stormy is attempting to stretch out that 15 minutes of rebooted fame for as long as she can, suggests CNN.