Melania Trump Accused Of ‘Lip Service’ As Nancy Pelosi Fails To Hide Displeasure At State Of Union

All eyes were on Donald and Melania Trump last night, that was until Nancy Pelosi “stole the show” with her array of facial grimaces. Melania Trump’s much-anticipated appearance was like a mystery unraveling before the State of the Union event got underway. “Will she or will she not show?” That was the question swirling around online after what was seen as her mysterious reasons for canceling the trip to Davos with her husband last week.

Melania was there, looking very much like her stylish self, and while she hosted several ordinary citizens who have done extraordinary feats in their everyday lives, she was accused of showing up only because it was the “honorable” thing to do. According to the Kentucky Kernel, “Melania Trump’s honorable gesture means nothing.”

Melania hosted retired Cpl. Matthew Bradford, a Kentucky veteran, and this was seen by this student publication from the University of Kentucky as nothing more than “lip service,” on Melania Trump’s part. While having this veteran as a special guest gave the impression that Melania and Donald deeply care about the plight of the veterans, they begged to differ with their thoughts on the subject.

The article in Kentucky Kernel goes on to say, ” If both Melania and Donald Trump truly care about veterans, why has nothing been done to alleviate their drastic situation?” They mention all the problems still mounting against the veterans today, specifically the homeless and the jobless situation among this population.

As far as the Kentucky Kernel article is concerned, it looked good for Melania to have that veteran in the First Lady’s orbit during this event. There are 500 homeless veterans in Kentucky alone, and 11 percent of the nation’s homeless population is made up of veterans, according to their report. So, showing off a veteran at the State of the Union Address was nothing more than “lip service,” according to the Kentucky Kernel.

Then there was Nancy Pelosi, who showed up at the State of the Union event after giving the directive to her fellow Democrats of not doing anything that disrupts Trump’s “slobbering self,” which is how she predicted Trump’s speech would come off, according to Politico.

She is accused of failing in her attempt to not draw attention away from Trump’s “slobbering self.” The Daily Mail describes Pelosi of having the facial grimace of someone “chewing on a Tide pod.” This refers to the laundry detergent pods that are meant to taste horrifically sour in case a child accidentally gets a hold of one.

Before the State of the Union Address took place, Politico reported that “Democratic leaders are hoping to avoid any kind of disruptive moments a la Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.), who yelled “you lie!” during President Barack Obama’s joint address to Congress in 2009.”

With that said, it looks as if Nancy Pelosi was a one-woman show who managed to do this all by herself with the headlines popping up today over her many facial grimaces on display last night. Headlines conveyed how Nancy Pelosi’s blew her attempt at staying neutral, like this one from Uproxx, “Nancy Pelosi Sat Stony-Faced During Trump’s State Of The Union Address, And Everyone Noticed.

It looks as if both Melania Trump and Nancy Pelosi were seen as two women attempting to put on a front, but allegations emerge that suggest these fronts were too transparent to stand the public’s inquisitive nature. It sounds as if Melania and Pelosi were seen in the same boat last night, but each with a separate oar attempting to go in a different direction.

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