‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: Jack’s Death Will Play Out Like A Movie In ‘Intense’ Super Bowl Episode

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This Is Us fans are getting ready for an emotional episode when the show airs in a special time-slot after this Sunday’s Super Bowl game. Promos for the “Super Bowl Sunday” episode, which was written by This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman, show patriarch Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) in hero mode as he attempts to get his family to safety after a faulty slow cooker sparked a raging house fire.

Now, in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown says the mystery as to how Jack Pearson dies will finally be solved with the post-Super Bowl slot, but that the episode is more like a movie than a TV show.

“It is cinematic, it’s epic in scope,” Brown told EW of the long-awaited episode. “[Dan Fogelman] is able to take the mundane and turn it into a superhero movie. Each one of us, once we read it we were like, ‘Did you read this yet? Yeah. It’s off the chain! We were giddy.”

While Sterling K. Brown confirms that Jack Pearson’s death will be a heartbreaker, he also teases that it will be strangely beautiful.

“It’s sad,” Brown reveals.

“It’s intense. I’m telling you, it’s intense. But it’s beautiful. It will give you the payoff after this much anticipation of ‘How does he die?’ I think you will be satisfied with the culmination — and then also how the story moves on.”

This Is Us Spoilers
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There has already been a lot of buzz about the This Is Us post-Super Bowl episode. In a previous interview with TV Guide, executive producer Isaac Aptaker also described the episode as “cinematic” promising it will be another huge moment along the lines of the Big Three trio of episodes that was featured earlier this season.

“We were pushing ourselves with that Big Three trilogy,” Aptaker told TV Guide. “And this was another one where we said, ‘Let’s just really test the limits of what you can do on network TV. We’re so excited for people to see it.”

This Is Us Super Bowl
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As for the movie elements, This Is Us producers went to the best in the business to get help with the pivotal Pearson house fire. Fogelman told Entertainment Weekly that producers brought in the crew that worked on the 1991 movie Backdraft. It probably doesn’t hurt that This Is Us has an inside connection to Backdraft, as the film’s director, Ron Howard, has guest starred on the NBC drama twice.

Dan Fogelman revealed that the opening 10 minutes of the upcoming This Is Us episode that features the Pearson house fire cost “a fortune,” but he added that the finished product is “extraordinary.”

Take a look at the promo for the must-see This Is Us episode below.

This Is Us airs immediately after the Super Bowl on Feb. 4 on NBC. Another episode airs on Tuesday, Feb. 6 at 9 p.m. ET.