Who Went Home On ‘The Challenge: Vendettas’ Episode 5? [Spoilers]

There was a ton of drama on The Challenge: Vendettas tonight, as the girls were yelling and ready to fight each other. When the fighting ended, it was time for another Elimination Challenge, but who went home on The Challenge: Vendettas tonight? Find out the Episode 5 results from tonight below in our The Challenge spoilers.

Last week on The Challenge Season 31, the night started with the Elimination Challenge, as Melissa beat Alicia. This meant Alicia was eliminated and Melissa got a grenade, which she used to pick the teams for the next challenge. That challenge was trivia and the losing teams had to eat rotten foods. Tony did a great job on this one, as he won it for his team. That meant Marie, Tony, and Zach split $24,000 and were the Troika for the week. They were able to pick the losing team, as they picked Sylvia, Joss, and Brad. That team had to vote someone immediately into the Elimination Challenge, which they voted Sylvia in and she was livid.

The Deals

Before heading in to discuss things, the Troika talked with Sylvia to see who she wanted to take on in the Elimination Challenge. They felt she was screwed over, so she should have a say in this. Brad then talked with Tony, as he wanted to make a deal to keep himself and Britni safe.

The Troika

Marie, Zach, and Tony met to discuss things. Sylvia wanted Melissa and Kayleigh, so those two were definite nominees. The third one was up in the air, as Britni was being mentioned. Marie thought it was all going to fall on her, so the guys said to pick someone. In the end, they picked Kayleigh, Melissa, and Britni on The Challenge: Vendettas.

The Inquisition

Britni, Melissa, and Kayleigh got a chance to plead their case on why they should not go into the Elimination Challenge. Melissa said she picked the teams and they won, so she should be safe. Britni said if they threw her a bone, then her and Brad would throw them a bone also.

Party Time

Before heading out, Kayleigh and Melissa had an intense conversation about the game. Kayleigh thinks that Melissa will sleep with anyone to help her win the game. While out, Kayleigh talked with Nicole and told her to watch herself with Melissa.

The Throwdown

After going out, the contestants were back in the house. Nicole went to bed, but Melissa was still awake and Kam wanted to share what the others in the house thought about her. This went from zero to 100 very quickly, as they were in each other’s face with scrunchies on. Jemmye got in between them to break things up. There was lots of yelling, but it never went anywhere.

The Challenge Vendettas Spoilers - Episode 5 Recap

Elimination Challenge

Heading into it, Sylvia has been sick and running a fever this past week. The Troika voted and it was Melissa heading into the elimination. For the challenge, it was called “Oil and Water.” There was a giant oil pit with a pegboard. They had to rush into the pit and grab a ball and bring it back to their basket. The first girl that scored three points would win and stay in the game.


This one was very intense, as Melissa was playing dirty. She was kicking and pulling Sylvia’s hair. Neither of the ladies was backing down though. Melissa scored the first point, but Sylvia came back big time. She scored the next three points and won, which meant Melissa was eliminated on The Challenge: Vendettas tonight.

For winning, Sylvia won a grenade. The choices were to take $10,000 from any player except the Troika, order someone to do an endurance challenge right before the next challenge, or she gets to pick the order for the next challenge. Her choice will be made next week, as the night came to an end.

The Challenge: Vendettas airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on MTV.