Jamie Lee Curtis Has Long Hair In First Photo Of Her In ‘Halloween’ Remake

Chris Pizzello/InvisionAP Images

Jamie Lee Curtis shared the first photo of her during the filming of the Halloween movie remake. The 59-year-old actress was dressed in a buttoned-down denim shirt, brown pants, and a matching coat in the image while standing with the movie’s director. Her tweet was posted Monday morning and was quickly retweeted by fans excited about the Halloween remake that’s set to hit theaters this October.

“First shot! First day. Same slate. Same Laurie. David Gordon Green directing from his script. Happy Halloween 2018 everyone. See you 10/19/18,” Curtis wrote in her tweet.

Curtis, who normally has short hair, returns to her role of Laurie Strode in long blonde hair. In the photo with Curtis is the film’s director, David Gordon Green, and a clapperboard used from the original Halloween that was used in John Carpenter’s 1978 production of the film, Entertainment Weekly reports.

According to the report, Carpenter gave his blessing for the movie’s reboot and it’s thought he might contribute in some way with the soundtrack. He’s executive producing the project as well. Nick Castle, who played Michael Myers (a.k.a. “the Shape”) will reportedly reprise his role again in the reboot with Jamie Lee Curtis.

Cinema Blend points out that Curtis’ long hair in the Halloween remake signifies that she’s not the same person seen in 1998’s Halloween H2O. There’s “definitely not the private school headmistress look seen in H20,” the article reads.

Green has earned critical acclaim for his work in Stronger and is distancing himself from his comedy background, according to the report.

In a brief description of what the Halloween reboot will involve, the aftermath of Carpenter’s original won’t be the sole focus as it’s been in the franchise.

Post and Courier reported on January 26 that Curtis was in Charleston, South Carolina already working on the film. She visited a coffee shop in town and made no effort to conceal her identity, but she didn’t reveal herself either, according to one onlooker. She said the actress was friendly with several people who recognized her and that she spent a few minutes on her cell phone before leaving the shop.

More stories about the filming of Halloween are probably going to surface on occasion as longtime fans — and new ones alike — anticipate the premiere of the hit thriller.

David Gordon Green’s Halloween remake with Jamie Lee Curtis will hit theaters on October 19.