Rihanna Pregnancy Rumors: Chris Brown Not Hurt About ‘Work’ Singer Rumored Love Child With Hassan Jameel

Rihanna’s Grammy performance on Sunday sent the Internet into a frenzy. Some of the reactions were about how deftly the “Work” singer hit the “Gwara Gwara”‘ dance from South Africa. But a lot of the commentary focused on Rihanna’s “thicker” body with some speculating that she could be pregnant. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Hollywood Life took it a step further by saying that Chris Brown had reacted to the rumors of the pregnancy.

According to Hollywood Life, Chris Brown is “angry, hurt and kind of heartbroken” by the speculation that his ex-girlfriend could be pregnant by her current boyfriend, Hassan Jameel. An alleged insider said that Brown feels like Rihanna should have had a baby with him since he wanted to start a family with her when they were together.

But Gossip Cop, a celebrity rumor watchdog, has said that the story is fake. Their investigation has revealed that no one from Chris Brown’s camp has spoken to anyone from Hollywood Life. So, even if he did feel that way about Rihanna potentially being pregnant, the online tabloid wouldn’t have the details. Furthermore, Hollywood Life initially capitalized on the Rihanna pregnancy rumors by publishing an article speculating that it could be a reality

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Interestingly enough, Hollywood Life published a similar article about Kylie Jenner wishing that her ex, Tyga, was her baby daddy instead of Travis Scott. So this reporting about celebrities longing to start families with their exes seems to be a trend for them.

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Rihanna hasn’t officially commented on the pregnancy rumors. But Gossip Cop has also said that Hollywood Life’s article about her laughing about the rumors is untrue as well. Gossip Cop’s position is that Hollywood Life is not a trusted source of celebrity news because the real insiders associated with big celebrities do not talk to them.

What we do know is that Rihanna and Hassan Jameel have been spending time together and seem to be fond of each other. The Huffington Post reports that the two went to 1OAK together after The Grammys. Hassan might be the less famous face but he is the heir to a Saudi fortune. His family owns the right to sell Toyota in Saudi Arabia and a select list of other Middle Eastern countries. Jameel and Rihanna were first seen together in June of last year, Huffington Post notes.

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