‘Destiny 2’ 1.2.2 Update Deployed To Address XP Levels, Lost Sector Throttling, Raid Rewards, And More

Destiny 2 received its first major update of 2018 Tuesday as Bungie delivered the 1.1.2 update to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Guardians can look forward to Masterwork Armor, plus tweaks to Raid rewards, Iron Banner rewards, and more. The studio has delivered much more with this update, however, including fixes to the amount of XP required to level and Lost Sector throttling.

Please refer to the preview update article for details on Destiny 2 Iron Banner changes, Raid reward changes, and the Prometheus Lens Exotic Trace Rifle fix as it matches what Bungie has delivered. Iron Banner is also now available to play.

Other Exotic items fixes include adjusting the Lucky Pants to prevent an infinite ammo glitch and correcting an issue where the Cobra Totemic perk on the Ophidian Aspect gauntlets did not always function properly. Additionally, the I Am Alive Grenade Launcher from the Eater of Worlds Raid Lair has been revised include a new trait perk called “Moving Target” while the “Augmented Drum” and “High-Velocity Rounds” perks were removed.

Big Destiny 2 fixes not previously revealed by Bungie include a reduction of the amount of XP required to level up a character following the XP throttling controversy from last year. It will now only take 120k XP to earn an Illuminated Engram, instead of the 160k it did before.

Aside from being an important everyday change, the XP requirement reduction will also benefit Destiny 2 events starting with Crimson Days in February. Guardians will be able to earn both an Illuminated Engram and an event Engram each time they level up.

Meanwhile, Lost Sector throttling turned into a sore point during the recent Faction Rally event since it took 10 minutes for Lost Sector chests to give rewards again. Today’s update reduces the throttle to 5 minutes, but Game Director Christopher Barrett explained on Twitter this update was to ease the pain in the short term. A full fix to address the throttle will be delivered in a February update.

Mercury and the Curse of Osiris expansion received plenty of attention Tuesday, as well. The Destiny 2 update fixed multiple issues with Heroic Adventures, including how they are selected and making Mercury challenges available while completing the adventures.

One additional change of note in Destiny 2 concerns the Three of Coins. The Exotic boost from using the item will finally be correctly applied to Heroic Strikes.

Finally, Ikora Rey’s waypoint marker will no longer incessantly flash on the Tower Destination map, even though she has nothing to offer. It was more of an annoyance for Destiny 2 players than a game affecting bug, but it is nice to see it fixed.

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