Pregnant Kylie Jenner ‘Open To Pain Medicine’ For ‘Easy Birth’ As Due Date Nears [Report]

Pregnant Kylie Jenner is reportedly due in less than a month and it seemed like she may be starting to get antsy about the big day as a new rumor emerged claiming that she is considering pain medicine to help her get through birth.

Rumors about the 20-year-old reality TV star being pregnant remain unconfirmed but it seems to continue to give birth to speculations with interestingly specific details about her gestation. In fact, a new report from People is claiming that she is due in “less than four weeks.”

According to the report, Kylie is already in the final stages of her rumored pregnancy and is starting to get nervous about going into labor.

“She is nervous about the birth and anxious about pain,” an insider told the outlet before revealing the Lip Kit mogul’s plans for her big day.

“She wants to have an easy birth and is open to pain medicine.”

On top of that, the insider further reiterated the rumored gender of Kylie and Travis Scott’s baby, saying that the nursery built is “pink, pink and pink.”

However, the Daily Mail noted that the report comes as a surprise considering that many have expected rumored pregnant Kylie Jenner to give birth around the same time as her sister, Khloe Kardashian, which is around late March or early April since she’s just seven months along.

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As for what she thinks about being a mom, another unnamed insider cited by Entertainment Tonight revealed that she is currently experiencing mixed emotions. That is, she is ready to be a mother despite her young age but is experiencing “moments of being nervous” now and then.

Of course, she is still confident about what is to come since she has her sisters and momager, Kris Jenner, to support her through the new experience, says the insider.

“She knows she has the best teachers to guide her through being a great mother, her own mother [Kris Jenner] and sisters.”

And good thing too since the rumor mill is also suggesting that she might not have the support of her beau and baby daddy, Travis Scott, after he has reportedly abandoned her for yet another party, as Radar Online reported.

Based on the article, the couple’s tumultuous relationship may be coming to an end after the 25-year-old rapper became subject of several cheating scandals over the past months.

Citing an eyewitness, the outlet revealed how she “flipped out on him” about his alleged affairs which reportedly included one with a girl Kylie was “kinda friends with.”

However, these information have yet to be confirmed or debunked by the parties involved so it is best to take it all with a grain of salt.