Actors Being Considered For Prince Philip Role In ‘The Crown’

Fans of the hit Netflix series The Crown were crushed when at the last minute, Paul Bettany backed out of negotiations to play Prince Philip. Bettany seemed to be a perfect fit to play Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth, but for unknown reasons, Paul Bettany has decided not to be part of at least two seasons of The Crown and is moving on to other projects. But if Paul Bettany won’t be Prince Philip, who will play the pivotal role in Season 3 of The Crown?

The current Prince Philip on The Crown Season 2, Matt Smith was doing the tour of late-night television, hinting that he knew who was going to take over the role of Prince Philip. On Late Night With Seth Meyers, Matt Smith heavily hinted that Paul Bettany was going to play Prince Philip going forward in The Crown.

“I don’t want to kind of speculate too much, but yeah he’s brilliant. That’s if it’s the person that I think it might be, and he’s incredible. Handsome as well, which, you know…” he joked.

“Fingers crossed. I morphed into someone far better looking than I.”

Matt Smith said he understood from the beginning that he would not be able to play Prince Philip after Season 2 because of the age progression, but he thought that Paul Bettany would be a great successor on The Crown.

Former Dr. Who And Broadchurch Star David Tennant Is Still In The Running

So now that Paul Bettany is a firm no for the Netflix series The Crown, who will play Prince Philip? The Standard has a few thought on the topic, including a former Dr. Who. Both Matt Smith and David Tennant played Dr. Who on the hit series by the same name and many people have suggested that Tennant would also make a great Prince Philip in The Crown. Hair and makeup can do wonders, but Scotsman David Tennant in no way resembles Prince Philip. Tennant is the right height and build (similar to Smith), but the accent also might need some work.

But David Tennant also has a big in on the new cast of The Crown as he has worked for three seasons with the new Queen Elizabeth, Olivia Colman on Broadchurch. Tennant and Colman have unmistakable chemistry as partners on the successful crime series and would make a natural Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth.

Or Maybe Ralph Fiennes Can Play Prince Philip In The Crown

Another actor being considered to play the role of Prince Philip in The Crown is Ralph Fiennes. Fiennes is a great actor, but he is older than most of the other actors in the running for the Netflix series. At 54, Fiennes would have to play a role younger than himself initially, which might pose a challenge as Prince Philip.

But Ralph Fiennes has the right pedigree to play Prince Philip in The Crown, as he is a distant cousin of Charles, Prince of Wales, and he has extensive stage experience in a variety of Shakespeare plays.

Matthew Macfadyen Has Period Drama Experience And Is The Right Age To Play Prince Philip

Newsweek believes that Matthew Macfadyen of Ripper Street and Howards End might be a good fit as Prince Charles in The Crown Season 3. Macfadyen matches up well in age with Prince Philip at that time, and he is obviously comfortable in period pieces. Macfadyen does not fade into the background co-starring with big-name actresses, as he held his own starring opposite Keira Knightly in Pride & Prejudice.

And Then There Are Dark Horses To Play Prince Philip In The Crown Season 3

As with any big role, there are a few dark horses said to be in the running to play Prince Philip in The Crown Season 3. Jude Law, who recently played the Pope, has reportedly had his name mentioned to play the prince whose nickname in royal circles was “Phil the Greek” owed to his birthplace. Law has the right look to play Prince Philip, but he is on the short side at 5’9″.

Actor Ben Chaplin is the last actor being considered to play the role of Prince Philip. Chaplin played the role of Cinderella’s father in the live-action movie of the same name. Chaplin recently starred in Apple Tree Yard playing a complex character which is thought to be a nice warm-up for the role of Prince Philip.

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