‘Teen Mom OG’ Sneak Peek: Ryan Edwards Complains About Maci Bookout’s Drug Test Demands

Ryan Edwards and his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, will be seen discussing Maci Bookout’s request for negative drug tests on tonight’s new episode of Teen Mom OG Season 7.

Following Ryan Edwards stint in rehab last year, Maci Bookout understandably wanted to ensure that her former partner was sober before allowing him to spend time with their 9-year-old son, Bentley. However, according to Edwards and Standifer, Bookout is making things much harder than they need to be.

After stating that Maci Bookout’s decision to actually answer their phone call on Bentley’s birthday was “crazy,” Mackenzie Standifer pointed out that Bookout rarely answers her husband’s request to communicate with his son. She then said that because Bookout doesn’t make any effort to get the result of Edwards’ drug tests, she has no way of knowing whether or not Edwards is clean of all drugs.

“Maci doesn’t have results because Maci doesn’t ask or doesn’t care to ask or care to know,” Mackenzie Standifer explains to a producer in the sneak peek.

According to Ryan Edwards, he’s passed numerous drug tests for his lawyer and even offered to “pee in a cup” for Maci Bookout to prove to her that he is sober. However, she has reportedly been unreceptive to the idea, and because of that, Edwards has struggled to gain regular visitation with his son.

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Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer tied the knot during the finale episode of Teen Mom OG last year and celebrated their relationship with a second wedding ceremony in November of last year after Edwards was treated for substance abuse.

Throughout their relationship, Mackenzie Standifer has been highly criticized by fans for failing to acknowledge her husband’s drug use when it first began. As fans of the show well know, Edwards exhibited some extremely troublesome behavior throughout the past couple of seasons, but despite the fact that he nearly nodded out on the way to their first wedding, Standifer didn’t hesitate to say, “I do.”

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