Melania Trump May Get Blamed For Donald Trump’s Alleged Cheating, Like Hillary, Muses ‘Washington Post’ Writer

First Lady Melania Trump has captured the attention of the world, especially amid porn star Stormy Daniels riding out her 15 minutes of fame in a Las Vegas strip club performance that was promoted with billboards enticing the public to “See the mistress live!” As reported by the Inquisitr, folks are viewing Melania as everything from a victim who needs to be rescued from an alleged philandering husband to an “opportunist” who “is extremely likely to also be narcissistic.”

As Melania still sports her wedding ring in the midst of controversy over multiple alleged affairs, a segment of the general public is wondering aloud if Mr. and Mrs. Trump’s time in the White House will play out in a similar fashion to the controversial union of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. As seen in the below popular tweet from Washington Post blogger Paul Waldman, the journalist noted that Hillary Clinton was blamed by some members of the public for former President Bill Clinton’s alleged adultery. Therefore, Waldman wondered how long it would take for certain individuals to begin to blame Melania for Trump’s purported philandering ways.

Ironically, it was Trump supporters like Sean Hannity of Fox News who called Bill “the WORST abuser of women in U.S. political history” and blamed Hillary for enabling Bill, according to NBC Bay Area.

Therefore, Paul wondered if the tables turned, if Melania would face the same heat Hillary faced for the actions of their husbands. As seen in an additional tweet on Waldman’s Twitter page, he noted that comedians like Chris Rock also blamed Hillary for Bill’s alleged affairs, joking that Hillary didn’t perform fellatio often enough.

In the comments section of Paul’s viral post, some replies state that Melania won’t get blamed in the same manner that Hillary was. Others on Twitter are throwing some of the blame on Melania, with Mrs. Trump calling her husband’s talk of grabbing women by their private parts simply “locker room talk.”

A search for the phrase “Melania’s fault” on Twitter brings a myriad of interesting opinions on whether or not folks feel Melania may or may not be to blame for the actions of her husband.