’90 Day Fiance’ Stars Nicole And Azan Could Be Getting Married Soon Based On Recent Instagram Photo

90 Day Fiance’s Nicole and Azan have fans believing that they could be getting married soon based on a photo that Nicole recently posted on her Instagram page. It’s a photo of her and her mom, but the big clue is a wedding dress in the background. It makes it look like the mother and daughter were shopping for a bridal gown. It looks like the photo has been deleted from Nicole’s Instagram page but In Touch Weekly has a screenshot in which you can clearly see the white dress behind Nicole and her mother.

It’s been a rocky road for Nicole and Azan’s relationship. Viewers of the show were first introduced to Azan and Nicole in Season 4. In one episode, they meet for the first time when Nicole visits Morocco. In that episode, Azan did not seem too excited to see her. In later episodes we see him making negative comments about her weight and encouraging her to exercise. At one point he implies that Nicole is not his perfect woman, but that he “loves” her anyway.

As In Touch Weekly noted, Nicole did not have the required income to sponsor Azan’s visa to the U.S. Her mother, who had expressed objections to the relationship refused to help financially. Nicole’s mother has said that she doesn’t approve of the way that Azan treats her daughter and doesn’t like the fact that he is unemployed.

In Season 5, Nicole asks her father to sponsor the K1 visa and he agrees. Nicole returns to Morocco to see Azan and brings her daughter. During that trip, the two clashed over how Nicole’s child should be raised.

Despite the ups and downs of their relationship, Nicole and Azan seem pretty happy in their pictures on social media. The last time that Nicole posted a photo of herself and Azan was on New Year’s Day. In the caption, she wrote that 2018 will be their year and that she’s excited to continue their relationship in 2018. In the photo, they’re both making funny faces to the camera and seem happy

90 Day Fiance follows Americans who have fallen in love and gotten engaged to someone from overseas. The non-American person comes to the United States on a K1 or fiance visa and the couple has 90 days to get married or the foreigner has to go home.

The show airs on TLC.

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