‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Billie Returns For John-Steve Storyline

The month of February will be full of intrigue according to the latest Days of our Lives spoilers. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but there are more significant issues in Salem – Andre’s murder and Steve’s poisoning. A series of comebacks will also make scenes hotter during the love month.

John’s Shady Actions

Next week on Days of our Lives, Paul will overhear John’s phone conversation. He won’t jump to conclusions, but it will bother him. He will investigate John and his reasons for poisoning Steve.

John is not the type of person who will harm anyone, especially his best friend. Paul will not believe this either, and he will enlist Will’s help.

Will and Paul will team up, but they have different goals. Will is protective of Marlena, and he doesn’t want her to be involved with a murderer.

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal that Marlena will see the difficulty John is going through given the current condition of his partner. However, it remains to be seen if she will realize that he is behind Steve’s health issue. As for Steve’s camp, Kayla will find the reason behind her husband’s problems.

Newcomer Reveals John’s Motives

Billie (Lisa Rinna) is back in Salem, and she holds the key to the mystery behind John’s behavior. Billie will pay a visit to Kate, but she will be more invested in John’s case, and Days of our Lives spoilers hint that she will hold a vital piece of the puzzle. She will also help answer some questions.

Billie is scheduled to return on Feb. 13, and it seems that the poisoning storyline will continue for weeks to come. As speculated by Celeb Dirty Laundry, there could be two possibilities for Billie’s return to Salem. She might be forcing John to poison Steve or she is there to make sure John is doing what he is supposed to. Whatever her role in all of this is, Days of our Lives spoilers suggest she will be instrumental in the real reason John will stab Steve in the back.

Paul and Will know something is up, and they will team up to understand what’s going on.

Whatever John’s motives are, he will find it harder to continue with what he is doing. His decision might affect his family and put them in danger, and Days of our Lives spoilers tease that the truth will unravel in the upcoming weeks.