Melania Trump’s ‘Mysterious’ 28-Hour Trip To West Palm Beach ‘Draws Speculation’ On Mission

Melania Trump has basically stayed out of the public eye since the media started publishing articles of a long-ago alleged affair between Donald Trump and a porn star. With her husband in Davos, Switzerland, a trip she bowed out of at the last minute, Melania flew to West Palm Beach on Thursday only to return a day later to the White House.

As Melania returns to D.C. today from her short 28-hour trip, the speculation is mounting over why Melania opted to stay for only a day at Mar-a-Lago, according to The Statesman. Melania did not make any public appearances while she was there; it was quite the opposite. She stayed pretty much hidden from the public eye while in Florida on Thursday night into Friday.

The Palm Beach Post describes Melania Trump’s one-day trip to that city as “mysterious” and asks — “Why was she here?” They could not find an answer to that question other than she may have been there to attend a function that was chaired by her sister-in-law, Donald Trump’s older sister. But she left before the event even started on Friday night.

Melania Trump’s whereabouts are harder to track than her husband’s journeys, according to The Statesman. Melania travels with a much smaller motorcade than her husband does and when she arrives with her motorcade to Florida, roads are not shut down as they are for President Trump. The road closures are usually a big indication the president is in town.

Melania and Donald Trump walking

This makes keeping on top of Melania’s whereabouts a challenge for the media. Melania arrived in West Palm Beach on Thursday and many speculated that she was there to attend a gala affair being held by her sister-in-law Elizabeth Trump Grau, who is the older sister of the president.

Trump’s sister was hosting a ball at Mar-a-Lago for Young Adventurers Inc., which she chairs. The president of Young Adventurers, Terri W. Bomar, said they were led to believe Melania Trump would be attending the ball, but they were told that she left last minute to go back to D.C. to meet up with Donald Trump who was flying back to D.C. from his Switzerland trip.

Secret Service agents and a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office security detail were spotted “streaming out of the private terminal” that Air Force One and Presidential Aircraft use at the Palm Beach International Airport, reports The Statesman. The 28-hour trip still remains a mystery today, but reports put Melania back in D.C. where her husband is today.

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