Inmate Escapes Prison And Returns With Bag Of Home-Cooked Food, Liquor

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

Most inmates would be happy to escape from prison and never return, but a Texas inmate made a daring escape from prison and attempted to return to the facility with a large bag of liquor, snacks, and home-cooked food.

Writers for the New York Post note that Joshua Hansen, 25, was arrested Wednesday night as he tried to re-enter the Federal Correctional Complex in Beaumont. He had originally been arrested and charged with narcotics possession.

According to the NY Post, agents had been alerted to several inmates escaping from the rear of the facility to a private area owned by a rancher. From there, surveillance was set up around the area in question to track any possible activity. At 5:45 on Wednesday afternoon, a vehicle pulled up to the private property and drove off after leaving behind a large duffel bag.

About an hour later, an inmate, which turned out to be Hansen, was witnessed running for the bag and back into the facility with it in tow. He was captured by authorities on the way back to the correctional complex and the bag was confiscated.

Inside of the bag was large trays of home-cooked food, including sausages, chicken, rice, and vegetables, three bottles of brandy, one bottle of whiskey, several bags of tobacco, and packaged bags of snacks and fruit, according to a press release and images from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

inmate escapes prison
Inmate Joshua Hanson was arrested after escaping prison, then attempting to re-enter with a bag of homemade food and liquor.Featured image credit: Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

Once Hansen was re-booked, he was charged with marijuana possession and escape. A federal hold has also been placed on Hansen for the escape, and other charges may occur because of his stunt. It is unknown if Hansen was planning to share the food with any other inmates.

According to the Beaumont Enterprise, inmates at the prison have been essentially escaping for years, but they always return.

“Sheriff’s deputies had previously been tipped off that inmates on work release often sneak out to snag snacks and other contraband,” writes Vice. “The sheriff’s department and a team of US Marshals set up surveillance Wednesday evening, which first spotted a vehicle drop the duffel bag full of goodies on private property nearby, and then caught Hansen as he zipped out to retrieve it.”

An investigation into who brought the bag of food onto the private property is currently underway.