Melania Trump Was Staying In Posh DC Hotel On Heels Of Trump Affair Allegations, Claims Bombshell Report

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Before leaving for Palm Beach yesterday, Melania Trump checked into posh D.C. hotel, claims a new report. In the nights following the Trump-Stormy Daniels affair allegations that saturated the headlines recently, Melania Trump reportedly stayed at a posh D.C. hotel away from Donald Trump. These were the nights before she flew to Palm Beach and around the time she backed out of the trip to Switzerland with her husband, claims a bombshell report today.

According to the Daily Mail, Melania Trump went to Palm Beach on a trip that was unannounced and that also coincided with Donald Trump’s trip to meet with the top CEOs of Europe at the World Summit. Melania Trump’s relationship with Trump has “become strained,” according to the Daily Mail’s source.

This information is coming from “a White House source,” reports the Daily Mail, and this source claims Melania spent “a number of nights” at a posh hotel in D.C. “away from the White House and her husband. Melania has been quiet and has mostly kept out of the public eye since the allegations emerged that Trump’s lawyer, acting on behalf of him, paid off the adult film star with $130,000 in “hush” money.

Trump’s alleged affair has been “upsetting and humiliating,” especially after a long-ago interview was recently published. That interview with Stormy Daniels from 2011 cast a dark cloud over Trump and Stormy’s denial of the affair when it was recently published again in a celebrity magazine. The humiliation of that interview stems from many things reportedly said by Daniels, like she could “intimately describe” Trump’s “manhood,” cites the Daily Mail.

The details surrounding the alleged Trump and Stormy affair puts Melania as a new mother with an infant at home during the timeline reported. Questions among the White House staff emerged when they received a memo this week that Melania will not be going to Davos with her husband as originally planned. Express reports that Melania did indeed touch down in Florida after leaving D.C. on Thursday.

The excuse given to the nation was that Melania wasn’t going due to scheduling and logistical issues. Another memo to staff conveyed that Melania was not expected to make any solo appearances during Trump’s absence from the White House while in Europe, which was described as rather perplexing to staff.

Since Melania was not expected to make any appearances, this memo ended up “drawing into question how her schedule was conflicted,” which was the excuse given for her reason to not join her husband on this trip. According to the Daily Mail, “one well-placed source” said that Melania often spends time away from the White House, and she’s stayed at that posh hotel “multiple times in January.” It is reportedly not unusual for her stays to go for days at a time. She also travels to her home in New York City.

Unlike Melania Trump’s predecessors, she rarely spends any time in her West Wing office, reports this source. Since the allegations of the Trump-Stormy affair made headlines, Melania has only gone out once on a semi-official visit. That was to the Holocaust Museum ahead of Saturday’s Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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Unlike other similar outings, the press was not invited to come along. The only publicity this visit was awarded was via Melania’s spokesperson publicizing the event on Twitter. This is Trump’s fifth foreign trip so far, and Melania has accompanied him on the first four. With the Trump couple’s 13th wedding anniversary coming and going without any public acknowledgment from either Donald or Melania, rumors of problems within the marriage started to spin.

Lack of any mention of their anniversary, coupled with the post commemorating the first year in the White House that Melania shared, the rumors of a troubled marriage started to fly. Melania celebrated the first year in the White House with a picture of her and a handsome military officer arm-in-arm from Trump’s inauguration day, and she never mentioned Trump in the caption of that post.

The book Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff has also described an alleged bizarre marriage arrangement between Melania and Donald. In the last few weeks, the Trump marriage has been raked over the coals between an adult film star’s interview and a new best-selling book bringing humiliating rumors to the headlines. From what the Daily Mail’s source has said, these allegations have been both “upsetting” and “humiliating” to Melania Trump.

Update: Just hours after the Daily Mail published their report regarding Melania Trump allegedly staying in a D.C. hotel, her spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham sent out a tweet ripping into the media for “salacious and flat-out false reporting.” While Melania’s spokesperson didn’t link an article to the tweet below, it is reported by The Hill that this tweet came on the heels of the Daily Mail report. Grisham said that the First Lady is focused on her family and her role as the FLOTUS today, but did not address what was in the Daily Mail report. Grisham deemed the “scenarios being peddled daily by the fake news” as “unrealistic” about Melania Trump.