Czech Presidental Candidate, Completely Covered In Tattoos

Vladimir Franz, artist and composer, is completely covered from head to toe in tattoos. He is also in third place in the running for president of the Czech Republic, according to recent polls.

Franz, a theater and opera composer and painter, was born in Prague, Czech Republic in 1959. Although he studied and received a diploma in the Faculty of Law, he chose to pursue a career in the arts. According to Wikipedia, the presidential candidate has won countless awards including the Alfred Radok Award, which he received six times since 1998. The Alfred Radok Awards are given for excellence in theatrical achievement.

In the first election in the Czech Republic that will be decided according to popular vote, the unlikely candidate is doing quite well. Although Franz admits that he has no experience in politics and little understanding of economics, he felt compelled to run for the position after receiving encouragement from his fans. His candidacy began with a petition signed by 88,000 supporters.

According to The Guardian, Franz is especially popular with younger voters who are ready for a change. According to the most recent polls, Franz is running in third place.

Voters who were interviewed do not seem to be shocked or bothered by his unusual appearance. Franz is unable and uninterested in hiding his tattoos, which cover virtually every inch of his body. Being well-known as an artist and composer, most people in the Czech Republic are likely used to seeing Franz’s colorful face.

A total of nine candidates are running for president of the Czech Republic. The election which is historical for the country in many ways, will take place on January 11th and 12th.