Melania Trump ‘Apparently Willing To Trade Her Good Looks’ — Via Biting New Commentary

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A new commentary does not sugar coat a thing while suggesting that Melania Trump knew what she was signing up for when she married Donald Trump. It goes on to suggest that Melania Trump is a “woman apparently willing to trade her good looks,” as well as her “basic respect,” to gain the lifestyle that she’s since become accustomed to in the gilded tower home that this marriage provided.

While the article starts out by describing Melania Trump and her choices in life as a trade-off of sorts, it suddenly twists into an almost pr0-Melania writing. Jill Filipovic, a journalist from CNN as well as an author, has shared her views on the nation’s first lady. She’s honed in on Melania Trump’s recent choice to stay behind as her husband flies off to Davos, Switzerland, for a summit. Melania has opted out of this trip on the heels of allegations that long ago her husband entered into an affair with a porn star.

It was expected for Melania to go along and show support for her husband at that World Economic Summit, but due to what the White House calls, “scheduling and logistical issues,” Melania won’t make this trip, according to the CNN article. After describing Melania as someone who traded her “good looks,” the article takes a turn and suggests that the media make a switch in their focus. Filipovic writes as follows.

“If the media wants to train its gaze on the important news, it can focus on Mr. Trump’s behavior, not his wife. After all, she didn’t do anything other than decide to skip an overpriced conference after some bad marital news.”

Melania Trump in sunglasses
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That “bad marital news” is the alleged arranged payout to keep Trump’s rumored affair with porn star Stormy Daniels quiet, which has saturated the headlines for the last week. Filipovic goes on to cite Tony Perkins, who is with the right-wing Family Research Council. He describes Donald Trump as “getting a mulligan” when it comes reports on “cheating and other misbehavior,” which is reported by Politico.

Filipovic suggests that Melania might be “drawing from her husband’s rulebook” when it comes to a mulligan. Filipovic suggests that Donald Trump hasn’t tried to hide “his misogyny or his past infidelities” so “it’s a little hard to feel bad for a woman apparently willing to trade her good looks and basic respect for her philandering husband’s financial largess.”

According to the CNN article, despite what Melania might know, she doesn’t have to set herself up for public humiliation. If she were to fly with Trump to Switzerland she’d be playing a role in a public humiliation ritual of a woman wronged by her husband, but still standing by his side. That is not something she has to do, writes Filipovic.

Just as it starts to sound as if Filipovic is going to sway and turn a little pro-Melania in this article, she reels it in with offering up why Melania doesn’t need to be there at the summit. Melania’s presence at this summit isn’t needed as Filipovic claims “She isn’t a leader (or, by all appearances even a thinker.)” She describes Melania as being unlike some of the past first ladies who were leaders and thinkers and who had interest in global affairs.

After suggesting that Melania is a “symbol of how others (and especially women) bear the cost of Trump’s egoism and lack of self-control,” Filipovic suggests Melania spend her time in a spa instead of in Davos. She also suggests the direction this Trump-Daniels news should take from now on in the media. Filipovic writes the following.

“Journalists should demand he answer for the alleged payouts to silence Stormy Daniels rather than focus on an affair. And we should all leave Melania alone.”