FitBug Flex Brings Real-Time Health Monitoring To Your Wrist [Live At CES 2013]

Connected health monitoring platforms are making a huge splash at CES 2013, and one of the most talked about products comes to us from the team at FitBug. Known as the FitBug Flex, the tiny little gadget features a soft plastic material which is worn around the user’s wrist as it monitors their daily and nightly activities in the form of movement.

Once in place, the wristband monitors a user’s activity including the number of steps they have taken and the number of calories they have burned. The FitBug wristband can also tell a user how many minutes they were active for and how far they traveled.

The company also tracks inactive times, specifically the number of hours a person sleeps and how many times they woke up throughout the night.

Because some of us need a little bit of a push in the right direction, the FitBug also includes indicator lights which flash as certain goals are met. For example, if you have walked 20 percent of your goal, the LED light will notify you of your progress.

The Fitbug Flex doesn’t just monitor your real-time stats; it syncs them across various platforms including your computer, smartphone, and tablet PCs. By syncing your account, you can compete with your friends for the most active day, you can earn badges to show your progress, and you can log food and drinks in order to gain a better understanding of your overall lifestyle choices.

Not only is the FitBug Flex a great way to easily monitor your health, it features a soft material that is comfortable to wear, and it is adjustable to fit any size wrist.

Here are some shows of the FitBug Flex in the wild:

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