Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar’s Husband, Reportedly Extremely Rude And Entitled In Person

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Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar Dillard’s husband, is perhaps one of the most reviled people in the Duggar family franchise apart from the eldest member of the mega-clan, Josh Duggar. The reality star was supposedly fired from Counting On: Jill and Jessa for his anti-trans views and attacking a fellow TLC star for being transgender.

According to Derick Dillard, the Duggar son-in-law believes that “transgender is a myth” and deliberately misgendered teen star Jazz Jennings, calling her a “him.” He has also requested that his audience boycott Target stores because they allow transgender individuals to use the bathroom of their choice.

Recently, the reality star was called out on his beliefs, with an Instagram user commenting that she was glad he was fired from the show. Although Derick claims he was not fired from Counting On, but that he and Jill decided to no longer be on the show, he did not address that at that time. Instead, he stated that most people in America agree with him.

Critics of the reality TV show are no fans of Derick, and recently, someone came forward with an alleged sighting of him and Jill Duggar at the amusement park, Silver Dollar City, where Jill was spotted first wearing pants.

According to the report, Derick Dillard was acting incredibly entitled during the trip. He cut lines, ran into people and rammed a stroller with either Israel or Sam in it in front of people. The person who witnessed his abhorrent behavior said he was laughing while he was doing so. Whoever saw Derick acting this way at the amusement park stated that Jill Duggar was with him but did not mention if her actions mirrored his. Instead, it was reported as though Jill were being dragged along by Derick.

The witness said she knew she recognized Derick and Jill from somewhere, but it took her a while to place them. When she finally did, she took to social media to share her annoyance at Derick’s entitled behavior. As expected, this didn’t make Derick any more popular with the viewers of Counting On.

Several fans encountered the Duggar family that day, and it was reported that Jessa Duggar allegedly wore pants to the theme park. This has yet to be confirmed or denied, however, as there is photo evidence of a woman with them wearing jeans, but it is not immediately obvious who it is.