WWE News: Fans Start Petitions To Reinstate Enzo Amore After His Firing By WWE


On Tuesday, WWE superstar Enzo Amore was fired by WWE after rape allegations surfaced, as well as the fact he didn’t disclose his knowledge of the investigation to the company. Now, there are some fans who have created a petition online to try to get the WWE to change their minds about his status with them. Here are the latest details on what some fans have created a petition for as the former WWE superstar is being investigated for the charges.

On Tuesday, the news that Enzo, real name Eric Arndt, was fired came to light and quickly created debates amongst professional wrestling fans. It also resulted in a few petitions being created online, according to Steve Carrier of Ringside News. Carrier indicated that a petition was created at a website called “The PetitionSite” by an individual named Matt B. who believes Enzo, real name Eric Arndt, needs to be reinstated immediately.

The underlying reason behind this petition appears to be that the investigation against Arndt is still ongoing, and WWE should wait to decide on Enzo’s status with the company. In addition to that petition, another was apparently created by fans looking have Enzo rehired by the company.

It’s not the first time fans have taken to creating a petition online. However, a past petition was focused on firing Braun Strowman after he was involved in a kayfabe on-television storyline where he sent Roman Reigns to the hospital during an episode of WWE’s Raw.

The on-TV segment had Strowman attacking Reigns multiple times and even turning over an ambulance. After the fan petition started, Strowman played up the storyline further by responding cleverly via Twitter to the petition to have him fired.

In the situation with Eric “Enzo” Arndt, there are fans that believe the WWE has wrongly terminated him and is taking the side of the victim or that they are prematurely deciding his guilt. However, the underlying reason for the company releasing him appears to be due to his non-disclosure of the matter to his employers.

There are reports indicating that Enzo was at the Barclays Center for the Raw 25th-anniversary episode and that he also participated in some “meet and greet” events with fans before Raw. Later on, this report notes that he was backstage and was sent home from the Barclays Center after the allegations came to light.

Arndt has yet to have been officially charged with any crime but is still said to be under investigation for the allegations. The Phoenix police department has also said it could take “some time” to give journalists more details about the police report.