Maci Bookout Recalls Accident That Almost Killed Her After Buckling Seat belt In A Limo

John PhillipsGetty Images

Maci Bookout has been in the spotlight for quite some time thanks to Teen Mom OG and 16 & Pregnant, so many of her actions are often put under a microscope. Teen Mom OG viewers tend to call her out on things that they don’t agree with, including her son, Maverick, having long hair, drinking beers while with her children, and posting many advertisements on her social media pages. As it turns out, people also point out interesting facts about Maci, including the fact that she buckles her seat belt in a limousine. Many people don’t put on a seat belt in a limousine or while on a bus, but Maci reveals she always does this.

As it turns out, Bookout has a reason for putting on her seat belt. According to a new tweet, Maci Bookout addressed a viewer’s tweet, reminding viewers of her accident that happened a few years ago. PEOPLE magazine reported the accident, revealing that Maci and Bentley were in the car. She was pregnant with Jayde at the time, and she revealed that she was very thankful that her daughter was alright. Such an accident could have easily resulted in a horrible situation, in which she could have lost her daughter. The accident happened in January 2015.

“I’ve never seen someone buckle up in a limo. extra cautious,” one viewer wrote to Maci, who replied with, “haha! I was waiting on someone to catch that. My seatbelt seriously saved my life in a horrific accident a couple of years ago, I never go without it.”

One can imagine Maci Bookout doesn’t even think about putting on a seat belt anymore because everything is just out of habit. Plus, Bookout may be very strict about her children wearing their seat belts. Bentley was in the car at the time. He was six-years-old, and the car rolled over three times before coming to a stop on the highway. One can imagine that would leave some physical and mental scars, so Bentley may also put on a seat belt whenever he gets into a car. These days, Maci isn’t letting the accident slow her down. She’s still driving her car, but she may be more careful to avoid such an accident again. As she pointed out, she was lucky to have survived.


Maci Bookout is currently on Teen Mom OG, which airs on MTV every Monday night. It’s possible she will continue to be on the show for several years to come.