Abby Lee Miller Weight Loss: ‘Dance Moms’ Star Reportedly Drops 100 Pounds, Here’s How She Did It

Abby Lee Miller’s weight loss has been a hot topic for days after reports revealed that the former Dance Moms star has allegedly dropped 100 pounds while in prison. Although she is mostly known for her tough mentoring on the hit dance reality show, people are now hoping to learn from her about how she shed off the pounds.

The 51-year-old dance instructor shocked everyone when she posted a photo of her (now deleted) on Instagram, flaunting her incredible weight loss. Abby Lee Miller was all smiles as she posed with her visitors inside the FCC Victorville prison. Despite the unflattering fit of her prison uniform, the reality star’s body transformation is still evident.

According to a Hollywood Life source, Abby Lee Miller took her unfortunate mishap into something positive. Instead of just working on her emotional and mental state while serving her 366-day jail time, the former Dance Moms star took a step further and decided to work on her physical as well.

Abby Lee Miller had a gastric bypass surgery over two months before checking into prison. She previously shared that she believed that it was the right time to go on with the procedure despite her upcoming jail time. As a matter of fact, the source revealed that it was part of Abby Lee Miller’s weight loss plan.

“Abby timed everything out so that her first month after the surgery, the most critical time for recovery diet-wise, was not affected by the limited foods in prison,” the insider said. “During her first week after her surgery, she cut out all the junk food she was used to eating and was required to be on a strict liquid diet. She slowly introduced soft food and proteins over the weeks following the surgery and prior to entering prison.”

Since Abby Lee Miller has very expensive taste buds, prison food is definitely not something she would enjoy eating. However, this turned out to be a positive thing for the dance mentor as it helped her lose even more weight. The source said that “Abby is not a fan of prison food and thanks to her surgery, she is eating a lot less while incarcerated while doing her best to exercise more.”

The insider then revealed that Abby Lee Miller is still not done with her weight loss journey. The former Dance Moms star is planning to lose more until she reaches her “ultimate goal weight.”

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