Harry Styles Could Be The Next James Bond If This Film Editor Has His Way

Harry Styles made his feature film debut last in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk but is he ready to make a “quantum” leap into the role of James Bond? One film editor thinks so. The Daily Star reports that Lee Smith, the editor who worked on Spectre and Dunkirk, said that he thinks Styles would be great for the role of 007.

“Harry could do it,” Smith said. “If they wanted a younger Bond then why not? He has got it.”

Smith added that on Dunkirk, Harry showed a level of professionalism of an actor with lots of films under his belt. He explained that he didn’t know who Harry was before filming until his daughter showed him how famous the One Direction singer is. Smith implied that Harry didn’t show off any of his star power during the shooting of the film.

The prospect of Styles playing Bond sounds even more promising when you consider the rumors that Dunkirk director, Christopher Nolan, will be directing the next Bond film, which will be the 25th. But that’s reportedly Daniel Craig’s last turn as the legendary British spy. Could Harry step into the role if Craig leaves and Nolan hangs on as the director?

Harry Styles as James Bond will undoubtedly make One Direction fans happy but there have been some other famous names who have been tipped as Craig’s replacement. According to The Express, two of those names are James Norton and Tom Hardy. Norton was the previous favorite among bookmakers because of his role in BBC’s McMafia but Tom Hardy has overtaken him for the top spot, The Express reports. Other names on the list include Jack Huston, Aiden Turner, Tom Hiddleston, and Michael Fassbender.

One thing that’s working against Harry’s James Bong prospects is his limited filmography. As we mentioned earlier, the critically acclaimed Dunkirk was his first film. But he did get some good reviews for his role. USA Today’s review said Styles’ acting “surprisingly” conveyed “grit” and “pathos.”

NPR’s critic, Chris Klimek, said that Harry did not stick out like a sore thumb among the other cast members and added that this was a credit to Styles. Rolling Stone‘s critic, Peter Travers, wrote that Harry exhibited grace and “zero pop-star showboating.”

At 28, Harry is also very young for the role and would be the youngest James Bond ever if he happens to get cast.

Will good reviews and huge popularity get Harry the role? Does he even want it? Only time will tell whether Styles will get his “license to kill.”