‘Vikings’ Season 5, Episode 10: Lagertha Set To Lose Two Valuable Allies As Rollo Returns In Mid-Season Finale

The first half of Vikings Season 5 is almost drawing to a close, and it looks like the upcoming battle between Lagertha and Ivar the Boneless could prove to be the bloodiest yet. After all, it has already been teased that Rollo could return and join the fight against the Queen of Kattegat in “Moments of Vision.” So is it possible that there will be major deaths in the midseason finale? Some believe that Lagertha’s latest alliance could lead to disaster in Vikings Season 5, Episode 10.

In “A Simple Story,” Bishop Heahmund decided to pledge his loyalty to the Queen of Kattegat, which could mean that he will once again fight against Ivar the Boneless. However, Hvitserk also has a trick up his sleeve as he tries to reconnect with his uncle Rollo to send reinforcements from France. The episode also features a glimpse at the conflict in Floki’s new colony, but there is little doubt that fans are more excited about the civil war in Kattegat. But which characters will end up sacrificing their lives in the battle in Vikings Season 5, Episode 10?

There have long been speculations that Lagertha could lose an important ally in the fifth season. Some believe that Astrid could end up dead now that she is married to King Harald Finehair and is against the Queen of Kattegat. However, fans are also worried about Torvi, who has found an unlikely lover in Ubbe. Unfortunately, her relationship with another son of Ragnar Lothbrok could ultimately lead to Torvi’s death in Vikings Season 5, Episode 10. Nevertheless, she is not the only one who could get killed in “Moments of Vision.”

The teaser for the mid-season finale features King Harald Finehair singing a war song as brief shots of different characters flash on the screen. The promo concludes with Ivar the Boneless looking up and opening himself to a rain of arrows. Although it is highly unlikely that Ivar will meet his end in Vikings Season 5, Episode 10, one of his own brothers could finally get killed. There are speculations that Hvitserk will be the next of Ragnar Lothbrok’s sons who will die in the series.

Vikings Season 5, Episode 10 will air on History on January 24.


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