Jinger Duggar Keeps Covering Baby Bump As Fans Fret Over ‘Counting On’ Star’s Feelings About Being Pregnant

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Jinger Duggar’s maternity style is seriously impressing her admirers, but some concerned Duggar fans fear that the Counting On star will eventually begin to struggle with being pregnant. There’s speculation that one of her biggest pregnancy issues will be adjusting to the many changes that her body will go through as her baby bump continues to grow.

On Saturday, Jeremy Vuolo shared yet another photo of Jinger Duggar showing off her “modern modest” maternity wear. The couple spent the weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, at a conference for Christian leaders, and Jinger packed plenty of polished and professional pieces for the event. On the final day of the G3 Conference, the Duggar daughter wore a loose-fitting black dress with a high neckline underneath a tan blazer. Jinger accommodated her growing baby bump by leaving the fitted jacket unbuttoned.

Jeremy’s latest photo of his wife’s pregnancy attire was snapped outside the Georgia International Convention Center. A shadow makes it difficult to see Jinger’s midsection in the photo, and this has frustrated the many Duggar fans who desperately want to get a good look at her pregnant belly.

“Where’s the bump?” wrote one of Jeremy’s Instagram followers in response to his snapshot.

“Can’t wait to see a baby bump!” another remarked.

It’s been a great weekend in Atlanta for the @g3conference!

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During her first pregnancy, Jinger Duggar’s older sister Jessa wore a lot of snug-fitting clothing that showed off her baby bump. As reported by SheKnows, her maternity wear was so tight that some fans chastised her for dressing immodestly. So far, Jinger has avoided such criticism by keeping her stomach hidden underneath thick coats and clothing that doesn’t cling to her midsection.

It’s unclear whether Jinger is making a conscious effort to cover up her baby bump with her clothing choices, but some fans believe that the petite Duggar daughter may not be completely comfortable with her pregnant body.

“I feel like Jinger will have a very hard time dealing with all the bodily changes that happen during pregnancy,” wrote one commenter on a Duggar-oriented Tumblr page.

“I feel like Jinger will not like pregnancy at all. I see her as way more anxious about giving birth than any of the other Duggar women too. I can’t see them having a lot of kids,” read another remark.


These opinions may be based on Jinger Duggar’s own comments about pregnancy. Her married sisters — Jill, Jessa, and Joy-Anna Duggar — have all made enthusiastic remarks about motherhood on their family’s reality TV series. However, Jinger once told the Counting On cameras that she’s not a fan of the whole birthing process.

“Births aren’t my thing,” she said.

The mother-to-be also confessed that she had no interest in witnessing the arrival of Jessa Duggar’s second child. Jinger’s aversion to birth is so strong that she even refused to video chat with her family while her sister was in labor.

Jinger Duggar helped fuel the rumors that she was in no rush to get pregnant by making it a whopping 14 months into her marriage before announcing that she was expecting. In contrast, the other married Duggar daughters all got pregnant less than six months after walking down the aisle.

Because going so long without getting pregnant was such an unusual occurrence in her family, some fans have speculated that Jinger began using some form of birth control after getting married. However, as reported by Radar Online, others have suggested that fertility issues were possibly to blame for her pregnancy delay.

Even if Jinger did something to prevent pregnancy for a few months, this doesn’t mean that she won’t become baby-crazy someday. According to Entertainment Weekly, her mother, Michelle Duggar, briefly used birth control after her first child was born. The Duggar family matriarch’s decision to quit using contraceptives resulted in 19 kids, and the 51-year-old has spent about 14 years of her life being pregnant.